CRN Headline News 10/9-10/13

Need to read articles you may have missed this week. Plus, Most Popular, Past Popular and a Truth quote.


CDC repeatedly misrepresents mask research, mask mandates worsen depression

‘Trans Women’ Taking Hormones Are More Likely to Suffer ‘Severe’ Health Conditions

Forget the GOP—It’s the Biden Chaos That’s Getting People Killed

Why Are So Many Worship Pastors Theologically and Morally Compromised?


Joe Is Asleep, America. You’re on Your Own.

Missed intel on Hamas attack, explosion of suspected terrorists at border raise alarm inside U.S.

All Christians, Not Just Catholics, Should Be Worried About Pope Francis’ Synod 

Like Her Father, Tony Evans, Priscilla Shirer Preaches Trinitarian Heresy from the Pulpit


Hamas and Fatah Explain What Their War Against Israel Is All About

Untwisting the Bible, Part III: ‘Let Go and Let God’

Unconditional Conference: Andy Stanley Says Attending a Gay Wedding is ‘Good Theology’+ Disses Rosaria Butterfield

US Borders Are Wide Open as Hamas Calls for Global Jihad


Condoleezza Rice Notices What Was Missing From Joe Biden’s Speech on Israel and Hamas

No Power or Water for Gaza Until All Hostages Released Says Israel

Christianity Today Staff Made Extensive Campaign Donations Between 2015 And 2022…All Went To Democrats

Even Now, Democrats Are Having a Hard Time Breaking Up With Their Terrorist Pals

FRIDAY 10/13

U.S. cities tighten security for ‘day of rage’ as experts warn Hamas-like terror may head West

Prepare for War with Iran, Hamas, Russia, China, Lebanon

TGC Compares Pro-LGBTQ Pop Star to the Revealing of Jesus in His Eternal Glory to His Followers


Like Her Father, Tony Evans, Priscilla Shirer Preaches Trinitarian Heresy from the Pulpit


Two Pastors Drop Major Bombshell Allegations Against Andy Stanley After Attending Private Q&A

Blood Moons: Prophets Who Persist in Prophesying Falsely


The modern canonization of compromise represents a detour down a dead-end alley. Both Scripture and church history reveal the danger of compromising biblical truth. Those whom God uses are invariably men and women who swim against the tide. They hold strong convictions with great courage and refuse to compromise in the face of incredible opposition. ~ John MacArthur


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