Calvary Chapel Association Announces Complete Separation from Brian and Cheryl Brodersen, CC Costa Mesa, and the CC ‘Global Network’

Berean Research reports: The following letter was sent worldwide today, Nov. 28, to  all 1,600 Calvary Chapel Pastors by the Calvary Chapel Association. November 28, 2016 Calvary Chapel Pastors, Pastor Chuck Smith chose a group of men to lead the … Continue reading 

Tangled Web Of Calvary Chapel

Apprising Ministries brings you up to speed concerning another evangelical group, which may be involved in hiding “unaccountable leadership” and covering up “sexual abuse.”

As Harvest Christian Fellowship joins Southern Baptist Convention, some question future of Greg Laurie’s church

According to The Orange County Register: Harvest Christian Fellowship will be joining the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant body with about 15 million members. The Rev. Greg Laurie, pastor and founder of the 15,000-member Harvest and its Harvest Crusades, … Continue reading 

Yet Another Criminal Referral for Planned Parenthood and its Affiliates

Last year, Center for Medical Progress undercover videos revealed that Planned Parenthood affiliates were illegally profiting from the sale of fetal tissue. So now the government will finally investigate for possible prosecution.  According to Alexandra Desanctis of National Review: Senator … Continue reading