Ed Stetzer Invites Pro-Gay Speaker and ‘Nashville Statement’ Opponent to Billy Graham Center

“Stetzer took part in a Marxist think-tank meeting at Wheaton in April of 2018, in which Soros’ “rented evangelicals” took part, designed to brainstorm ways to keep Trump from being elected in 2020. Conservatives walked-out of that meeting when they discovered its real … Continue reading 

How Evangelical Leaders Have Co-opted ‘Loving Your Neighbor’ to Distort the Gospel

“Biblical love doesn’t avoid uncomfortable truths but instead, confronts them with grace, always seeking to lead individuals towards repentance and salvation.” (The Dissenter) The biblical commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself” is a cornerstone of biblical Christian ethics and … Continue reading 

How Left-wing Covid Narratives INFILTRATED Churches

The federal government used Christian evangelical leaders to spread Covid propaganda. Be sure to watch Megan Basham’s video at the bottom of the page to hear her explain how our government manipulated progressive evangelical leaders to spread the word. For … Continue reading 

Christian writers, preachers, and organizations that promoted Francis Collins should break their silence

“This who’s who of evangelicalism included Ed Stetzer, Rick Warren, Tim Keller, NT Wright [Russell Moore], and notable Christian publications like The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, and the Billy Graham Center.” (Peter Heck – Not the Bee) It is now … Continue reading 

ERLC, CT, TGC: How The Federal Government Used Evangelical Leaders To Spread Covid Propaganda To Churches

Ed Stetzer, CT, and The Gospel Coalition [along with Tim Keller, Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N.T. Wright] were hardly alone in uncritically lending their sway over rank-and-file evangelicals to Collins. The list of Christian leaders who passed the NIH director … Continue reading 

Contributing Editor for Christianity Today Faces Conflict of Interest Questions After Accepting Car From James MacDonald

“CT’s unusual coverage of the Harvest scandal doesn’t necessarily show collusion between Stetzer, MacDonald, and CT. But it certainly raises questions, especially in light of the gifted car. But it’s not just Stetzer’s position with CT that may present a … Continue reading 

Wheaton College Fires Back After Fox News Accuses Them of Being Woke, But Were They Right?

“They may be a fully committed to Christian service, but that doesn’t mean the cracks haven’t started to form, and aren’t growing bigger, and bigger, and bigger…” (Protestia) Wheaton College President Philip Ryken has responded to a recent article published at Fox News that … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Compares Pro-LGBTQ Pro-Abortion ‘Christian’ Scientist, Francis Collins, to the Prophet Daniel

(Reformation Charlotte) Evangelical elitists have been up-in-arms the last few days over a report by Daily Wire author, Meg Basham, who reported on leaked audio that NIH director, Francis Collins laughed and smirked at the prospect that people will be forced … Continue reading 

Russell Moore Runs Into Daily Wire Journalist at Airport, Refuses to Answer Questions About Francis Collins

“In her piece, Megan Basham explains how the federal government co-opted Evangelical leaders like Russell Moore and Ed Stetzer to spread leftist COVID-19 propaganda to Christians through people like Francis Collins.” (Reformation Charlotte) Russell Moore has been a staunch advocate … Continue reading 

Francis Collins’ and Tim Keller’s BioLogos Says God Did Not Require Jesus to Die to Forgive Sins

“Despite this clear example of heresy, mainstream Evangelicals continue to promote those associated with this godless organization and continue to characterize it as “Christian.” Besides Tim Keller, also Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, [Rick Warren] and others have platformed Collins and … Continue reading