Francis Collins Admits To Lying About Social Distancing

“Francis Collins stated that Anthony Fauci invited him to the infamous February 1, 2020 conference call, which “prompted” the public narrative suppressing and vilifying the lab leak hypothesis. This statement directly contradicts Dr. Fauci’s previous statements.” (Ray Fava – Evangelical … Continue reading 

Southern Baptist Leaders Join Leftists Signing Pro-Vax Statement Calling Francis Collins a Faith Healing Minister

“It’s already come to light in recent months that these vaccines are useless and have ultimately caused more harm than good. Evidence is mounting that these vaccines are the cause of unforeseen illnesses, heart issues, and other serious medical problems … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Compares Pro-LGBTQ Pro-Abortion ‘Christian’ Scientist, Francis Collins, to the Prophet Daniel

(Reformation Charlotte) Evangelical elitists have been up-in-arms the last few days over a report by Daily Wire author, Meg Basham, who reported on leaked audio that NIH director, Francis Collins laughed and smirked at the prospect that people will be forced … Continue reading 

Russell Moore Runs Into Daily Wire Journalist at Airport, Refuses to Answer Questions About Francis Collins

“In her piece, Megan Basham explains how the federal government co-opted Evangelical leaders like Russell Moore and Ed Stetzer to spread leftist COVID-19 propaganda to Christians through people like Francis Collins.” (Reformation Charlotte) Russell Moore has been a staunch advocate … Continue reading 

Christian writers, preachers, and organizations that promoted Francis Collins should break their silence

“This who’s who of evangelicalism included Ed Stetzer, Rick Warren, Tim Keller, NT Wright [Russell Moore], and notable Christian publications like The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, and the Billy Graham Center.” (Peter Heck – Not the Bee) It is now … Continue reading 

Francis Collins’ and Tim Keller’s BioLogos Says God Did Not Require Jesus to Die to Forgive Sins

“Despite this clear example of heresy, mainstream Evangelicals continue to promote those associated with this godless organization and continue to characterize it as “Christian.” Besides Tim Keller, also Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, [Rick Warren] and others have platformed Collins and … Continue reading 

Francis Collins Says God Would Be ‘OK’ With Aborted Fetal Tissue Research

(Reformation Charlotte)  Reformation Charlotte has reported several times on the unholy alliance between the disgraced former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Russell Moore, and the disgraced former head of the National Institutes of Health … Continue reading 

Francis Collins, NIH Director, Resigns After Gain-of-Function Falsehood Exposed

Just weeks before this announcement, Richard Ebright of Rutgers University accused Collins of making false public statements about National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which have since been proven to fund the … Continue reading 

Logos Gone Woke: The Bible Software’s Heavy Emphasis On Liberal Material

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) A few weeks ago, it became evident that Logos Software, a widely used sermon preparation resource, was selling erotica on its website. Their website sells over 100000 books, so this was framed as an oversight … Continue reading 

Records Reveal Fauci Made Over $300 Million From the Covid Pandemic While Americans Suffered

“So, in other words, the Covid pandemic was one big ploy for the government to get massively wealthy.”  (Sarah Arnold – Townhall) While the entire United States was under authoritarian mandates, top so-called Covid-19 “experts” were making hundreds of millions … Continue reading 

How Evangelical Leaders Have Co-opted ‘Loving Your Neighbor’ to Distort the Gospel

“Biblical love doesn’t avoid uncomfortable truths but instead, confronts them with grace, always seeking to lead individuals towards repentance and salvation.” (The Dissenter) The biblical commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself” is a cornerstone of biblical Christian ethics and … Continue reading 

Biologos Publishes Guide on How to Worship Mother Earth on Earth Day: A Biblically Balanced Response

Who’s behind BioLogos? Progressives Tim Keller and Francis Collins. “BioLogos urges us to “confess” our role in “environmental degradation.” This movement, like many progressive ones, seeks to instill a sense of collective guilt, which can ultimately leads to collective punishment. … Continue reading 

The Rise of Statism in the Evangelical Church

“Tim Keller’s recent comparison of Francis Collins, the former head of the NIH who was responsible for much of the government’s COVID policy, to the prophet Daniel is particularly disturbing. Collins is known for his pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ views, and … Continue reading 

Phil Vischer Goes Full Liberal: Clowns Al Mohler on David French’s Support of Homosexuality

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) It’s no secret that Phil Vischer has gone off the deep end on theological liberalism. This has been covered extensively in the past with his singing with Francis Collins and his tacit support of abortion  and  … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Peddles ‘Biblical Critical Theory’

“The real question that Watkin and Keller should be asking is, “Why should Christians be engaged in the practice of syncretizing a Biblical worldview with the many godless ideologies of the world.” Believers have a duty to answer the world’s … Continue reading 

How Left-wing Covid Narratives INFILTRATED Churches

The federal government used Christian evangelical leaders to spread Covid propaganda. Be sure to watch Megan Basham’s video at the bottom of the page to hear her explain how our government manipulated progressive evangelical leaders to spread the word. For … Continue reading 

In Leaked Audio Former NIH Director/New Biden Science Adviser Laughs Over Threatening Unemployment to Force Vaccines, Blames Trump For Covid Deaths

“When one of the students asked Collins about the NIH funding experiments such as University of Pittsburgh studies that involved harvesting body parts from full term babies and grafting infant scalps onto lab rats, Collins did not deny knowing about … Continue reading 

Rick Warren promoted churches to fight a pandemic at World Economic Forum in 2008

(Capstone Report) Southern Baptist pastor Rick Warren told the globalists of the World Economic Forum (WEF) how to use the church as a partner during a pandemic or similar emergency. Warren promoted the use of free church volunteers and as a … Continue reading 

ERLC, CT, TGC: How The Federal Government Used Evangelical Leaders To Spread Covid Propaganda To Churches

Ed Stetzer, CT, and The Gospel Coalition [along with Tim Keller, Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N.T. Wright] were hardly alone in uncritically lending their sway over rank-and-file evangelicals to Collins. The list of Christian leaders who passed the NIH director … Continue reading 

CRN Headline News 11/8-11/13

Need to read articles you may have missed this week… MONDAY 11/8 No, we are not all children of God Steve Scalise Sounds Off on Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, Highlights 5 Hidden Details Federal Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate Francis Collins … Continue reading