Jen Wilkin’s Horrendous Defense of Public Schools

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) The Gospel Coalition has the second season of their so-called “Good Faith Debates” which have largely been characterized as lacking a clear conservative representation, as a good faith debate would necessitate a real debate. … Continue reading 

Boundary Stones and Slippery Slopes: A discerning look at Jen Wilkin, part 1

“Is it time to look into the teachings of Mrs Jen Wilkin? It seems so. Subsequently I was asked to look into her biblical positions and her activities, in a discernment review.” (Elizabeth Prata – The End Time)  Hosea 5:10 … Continue reading 

Anne Voskamp To Be Speaker at Upcoming TGC Conference

“We last wrote about Voskamp after she claimed the cross symbolizes ‘hospitality’ because Jesus has ‘his arms open wide’”  (Protestia) In a few months, The Gospel Coalition is putting on their TGCW24 conference and will include speakers such as Jen Wilkin, … Continue reading 

Like Greear, New SBC President Says the Bible ‘Whispers’ About Homosexuality

(Reformation Charlotte)  There must be a conspiracy in the Southern Baptist Convention to elect presidents who hate the Word of God and deny its power. Following in the footsteps of former Southern Baptist president, JD Greear, the newly elected president, … Continue reading 

SBC President Says Stop Being a Pharisee, Pride, Materialism, Greater Sins Than Homosexuality

“The Bible most certainly does treat homosexuality as more egregious than other sins. Homosexuality is the only sin that caused God to wipe two cities off of the face of the earth.”  (Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  When preaching a … Continue reading 

Setting the Stage for TGC19 – Conversations with Jesus: Emotionalism, Collectivism, Universalism and Error

“[Ligon Duncan wrapped-up day 1 with a session titled “Catechetical Evangelism,“ and while he elevated doctrine, he also issued a stern warning against becoming “lovelessly doctrinal.“ He gave a shout-out to the  ecumenical, inter-denominational New City Catechism,  produced by [Tim] … Continue reading