Lecrae Recounts Attending Parties Where Sex Orgies Broke Out at 1:00AM

(Protestia) With famous rap Mogul ‘Diddy’ in the news for throwing wild sex parties, deconstructed rap artist Lecrae has weighed in with his experiences being around this sort of activity. During a recent episode of his podcast, Lecrae details how … Continue reading 

Christian Rapper Lecrae Compares Homosexuality to a Preference Between Sports

“While it has been clear for some time that Lecrae has embraced the culture and placed his racial identity above his identity in Christ, it’s now becoming clear that he has abandoned the truth of Scripture altogether to embrace the … Continue reading 

Lecrae Responds to Chick-fil-A CEO’s Shoe-shining Stunt, Calls it Virtue Signaling

“One of the things I was trying to communicate to him was…we can’t be doing this virtue-signaling of just having conversations about race so it look like we’re on the page. We really gotta be about this.” (Jeff Maples – … Continue reading 

Tim Keller, Lecrae Team Up With Bethel Redding and Francis Chan For Social Justice Church Conference

According to the website, “Each participant hears every presentation and is exposed to numerous ideas from unexpected points of view that sharpen their understanding, deepen their cultural awareness, and motivate their action.” (Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  It’s one thing … Continue reading 

Contemporary Worship is a Breeding Ground for Idolatry and False Worship, Leading to Judgment

(The Dissenter) The Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) industry is a modern-day embodiment of false worship and idolatry—mooching off the name of Christ to launch careers, only to end up apostatizing, blaspheming Him, and supporting the very things God abhors, like … Continue reading 

Veggie Tales Creator Releases Series Ft. Woke Xtians Complaining About Being Judged

(Protestia) VeggieTales creator and Holy Post podcast host Phil Vischer has gotten beat up on social media over the last few days, and for good reason. The shots have been coming after he criticized a conservative TV network for not … Continue reading 

Popular Worship Artists, Shane & Shane, Have Now Bit the Dust

(The Dissenter) I’m typically not drawn to contemporary Christian music for the very reasons that I’ve written about a dozen times. I simply do not view the industry as God-honoring, rather it is a self-promoting, man-pleasing industry designed to launch … Continue reading 

The Christian Hip-Hop Scene Looks No Different Than the Pagan Hip-Hop Scene and is Largely Intertwined

(The Dissenter) Lest you think I’m picking on hip-hop, I’ve written plenty on the Contemporary Christian Rock movement and the charismatic movement as well. But there is a particular grievance with hip-hop culture that appears to have carried over and … Continue reading 

‘The Jesus Music’ Trailer Launches, But a Third of the Featured Artists are Pro-Gay

(Protestia)  A trailer for The Jesus Music has just dropped; a Lionsgate documentary that delves into the roots and origins of Contemporary Christian Music. Released by the Erwin Brothers, who directed movies such as “I Can Only Imagine’, ‘I Still Believe’, … Continue reading 

Carl Lentz’s Family Participating in Anti-Police Riots

Lentz proudly posted the video, taken by his daughter, on Instagram. Note that he calls the insane and ineffectual, hysterical ranting “preaching.” (PNP) The hipster Hillsong pastor in New York City, Carl Lentz, is helping to contribute to the delinquency … Continue reading 

Tony Evans Incites Disunity and Division, Encourages Protest of ‘Dove Awards’

“If evangelicals are so intent on finding ‘black leadership’ they need to look right past Tony Evans. Not only is he a Pelagian, inclusivist, and limited theist, but he is leading young black men into anger and resentment, making racial … Continue reading 

Jen Hatmaker Joins Radical Pro-Choice Politician to Promote ‘Women’s Rights’

“Jen Hatmaker is not the first professing Christian to embrace the radical leftist pro-choice politician. Lecrae, who is known as the “rapper who happens to be Christian,” has also departed biblical conservatism in favor of progressive social activism and embraced … Continue reading