Willow Creek Honored as ‘Living Legend’ the Co-Founder It Believed Abused Congregant

“Hybels instructed everyone in the arena to “stand respectfully.” Then, with spotlights waving, a voice announced Bilezikian as he would a star player for the Chicago Bulls “to be remembered forever.” The announcer named Bilezikian’s height and weight, but also … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Outed as NeverTrumper

“The idea that evangelical Christian voters choosing Trump over Hillary Clinton somehow killed evangelicalism is patently absurd, as if they would have been better off voting for a person and a party that had absolute contempt for them and their … Continue reading 

14.3M Illegal Aliens Living in U.S., Costing Americans $132B a Year

“Illegal immigration is not only fiscally burdensome on American taxpayers to the sum of billions every year, but an increase of foreign workers in the U.S. labor market due to legal immigration levels — where about 1.2 million immigrants are admitted … Continue reading 

California’s Proposed Resolution Tells Pastors How They Should Talk About Homosexuality. That’s Not Okay

“Under its guidelines, California pastors who believe homosexuality falls short of our Creator’s intentions would be forbidden from saying so. Forbidden from encouraging congregants who are same-sex attracted to abstain from homosexual behavior (even if they are heterosexually married). Forbidden … Continue reading 

Southern Baptist Lobbying Group Silent on Religious Liberty Threat in California

(Alan D. Atchison – SBC Today) Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission not living up to Religious Liberty part of name; Russell Moore fiddles while religious liberty burns Ethics and Religious Liberty President Russell Moore and the Southern Baptist organization committed … Continue reading