Paula White Joins Forces with Demonic ‘Moonies Cult’

(Protestia) New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) queen Paula White demonstrated a further lack of biblical discernment and an increasing glut of demonic hand-holding when she got up on stage and gave a keynote address at the World Christian Leadership Conference which took … Continue reading 

Paula White Promotes Cult Leader Mrs. Moon

Sun Myung Moon and his wife embraced the honorific titles of True Parents, True Father and True Mother. Sun Myung Moon told his followers, “True Parents existed spiritually, but we had to lay the foundation to become the physical True … Continue reading 

In bizarre prayer, Paula White declares, ‘We come against the marine kingdom…the animal kingdom…we command satanic pregnancies miscarry’

“We honestly have no idea what a “Satanic pregnancy” is or what it means to “miscarry.” Paula White probably doesn’t even know. It’s nonsense gobbledegook.” (Pulpit & Pen)  For months, Donald Trump has been handing to evangelicals gifts from their … Continue reading 

Trump Pastor Paula White Tells Followers To Give $229 For ‘Prophetic Instruction’ On How To Defeat Their Enemies

People who cannot pay $229 are invited to instead pay $31, a number reached by adding the numbers of the verse in the Bible—22 and 9.  “But I believe that God was very clear when I received this word that … Continue reading 

Televangelist Paula White joins White House staff

Prosperity health & wealth preacher Paula White, who is one of President Trump’s spiritual advisers, once asked her followers to give a “first fruits” financial offering claiming that there are “consequences” for those who don’t do so out of “ignorance … Continue reading 

Paula White’s new book ‘Something Greater’ is revealing, disturbing and depressing

As previously reported, endorsements for Prosperity Pastrix Paula White’s book came from pastors Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Greg Laurie, Jack Graham and others in the Evangelical Industrial Complex such as Jerry Fallwell Jr. and Ralph Reed. When the evangelical community … Continue reading 

Jeffress Defends Endorsement of Paula White’s Book, But Admits He Hasn’t Read it ‘Word for Word’ or Researched Her Theology

UPDATE When I asked Jeffress if he’s sure that White’s theology is orthodox, and that she is not a proponent of the prosperity gospel, Jeffress said, “All I can say is she claims not to be.” (Julie Roys)  Prominent Southern … Continue reading 

Conservative Baptist Leaders Remove Tweets Endorsing Paula White’s Book

UPDATE “Both Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham have removed their tweets endorsing White’s book.  I reached out to everyone except Laurie for comment. … Graham’s press person responded that he is not available for comment. Jeffress called me today and … Continue reading 

Southern Baptist Pastors Promotes Prosperity Gospel False Teacher, Paula White

“Robert Jeffress, a celebrity Southern Baptist pastor who is recognized in the convention as one of the most controversial political advocates for right-wing politics is promoting Paula White’s heretical book, Something Greater.” (Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  When you have … Continue reading 

Trump’s Advisor, Paula White, Pronounces Herself an Apostle and Appoints Son as Replacement

“So today, I am officially installing Pastor Brad and Pastor Rachel as the senior pastors of over City of Destiny. Everybody stand up on your feet, because this is God’s plan. I am moving to what I call oversight pastor, … Continue reading 

Paula White Reps. Scrub Web Page of Language Urging ‘First Fruits’ Offering of Day, Week, Month’s Wages, ‘Consequences’ for Not Giving

(Heather Clark – Christian News Network) Following media reports and public backlash over the matter, representatives for false teacher Paula White, who also serves as the chair of President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, have scrubbed a page on White’s website of any … Continue reading 

Paula White Urges Followers to Give ‘First Fruits’ Offering of a Day, Week or Month’s Wages

(Christian News Network) Prosperity preacher Paula White, who also serves as the chair of President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, is urging her followers to give a “first fruits” financial offering with the start of 2018, stating that there are “consequences” … Continue reading 

The President’s Pastor: Paula White Has Connections and Power. But Where Does She Get Her Money?

Jillian Kay Melchior has written an exposé on prosperity preacher Paula White for Heatstreet. Pastrix Paula is known for many things, but most recently she is known as President Donald Trump’s friend, close confidant and his “pastor.” Melchoir gives us a … Continue reading 

Jerry Falwell Jr Embraces Prosperity Impastor, Paula White, calls Discerning Christians ‘Pharisaical’ and ‘Self-Righteous’

According to the Polemics Report: Jerry Falwell Junior ascended to the stage while a chant originating on the Jerry Springer show of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” came from the crowd. He would then introduce the Word-of-Faith impastor, prosperity gospel teacher, and former mistress … Continue reading