Priscilla Shirer, Max Lucado, and T. D. Jakes: Betraying the Gospel?

“Whatever words Shirer and Lucado express in this Easter message that sound biblical are rendered hollow by the association with modalist T. D. Jakes. It is against Scripture to treat a false teacher like Jakes as though he is a brother … Continue reading 

Like Her Father, Tony Evans, Priscilla Shirer Preaches Trinitarian Heresy from the Pulpit

“If you can’t get the Trinity right, you have no business in a pulpit. Mangling this essential doctrine isn’t just a minor error—it’s a failure to accurately represent the God of the Bible.”  (The Dissenter) Tony Evans, a prominent Evangelical … Continue reading 

Is Tony Evans A False Teacher? What About His Daughter Priscilla Shirer?

“One of the most common label applied to Tony Evans by online discernment ministries is Pelagian. Pelagianism is the belief that Adam’s sin did not affect future generations of humanity, a rejection of the doctrine of Original Sin/Guilt. By the … Continue reading 

Tim Tebow, Priscilla Shirer Team Up for ‘Multi-Million Dollar’ Prosperity Gospel Event

(The Dissenter) The prosperity gospel is arguably the second-most nefarious and subversive false gospel plaguing the American Church today, right behind the social justice gospel. The prosperity gospel teaches that God is, in a sense, a genie in a bottle, … Continue reading 

Tony Evans’s Daughter, Priscilla Shirer, Preaches at Joel Osteen’s Church

(The Dissenter) We’ve written a lot about Tony Evans in the last few days after his appearance at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting to preach a heretical view of the Trinity. But what we don’t do very often is talk … Continue reading 

Priscilla Shirer Attacks the Bible as ‘Hand-me-down Revelation’

“We thank God for our pastors and our teachers and our leaders that help us to rightly divide the word of truth but there ought to come a time in your life where you’ve decided, “You know what? I want fresh revelation with my … Continue reading 

Priscilla Shirer & Women’s Bible “Mis-studies”: When Your Church Doesn’t Care About Your Soul (Or The Scripture)

Bud Ahlheim of Pulpit & Pen warns of the abominable teaching that’s coming to a church near you — perhaps even the church you attend!  “This is a reminder about the danger of Shirer,” says Ahlheim.  “It does not take much … Continue reading 

God Told Me: The Pentecostalization of Evangelical Theology of Revelation

“No prophecy of Scripture comes from a human source. Rather, “men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (v. 21). Peter is saying that we ought to trust the sufficient Word because it is revelation … Continue reading 

CRN Headline News 10/9-10/13

Need to read articles you may have missed this week. Plus, Most Popular, Past Popular and a Truth quote. MONDAY 10/9 CDC repeatedly misrepresents mask research, mask mandates worsen depression ‘Trans Women’ Taking Hormones Are More Likely to Suffer ‘Severe’ … Continue reading 

God’s Impending Judgment on the False Churches of the Modern World

(The Dissenter) In the sprawling panorama of modern Evangelicalism, where the bright marquees of celebrated figures like Andy Stanley and Rick Warren frequently shine, a troubling trend stands out prominently. While historically, the church stood as a pillar of truth … Continue reading 

Does God Forbid Women From Preaching Because of a Higher Susceptibility to False Teachings?

(The Dissenter) In today’s Church landscape, it is disheartening to witness the prevalence of false teachers, particularly those who distort God’s Word and blur the lines of biblical gender roles. Prominent figures such as Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, … Continue reading 

Check Out This Rank Heresy Study Bible that LifeWay is Releasing

“The work by Henry Blackaby known as “Experiencing God” was a gateway to the modern “God told me” language that is so common within our evangelical culture today. We must be honest, that method of discerning the will of God … Continue reading 

Research: Heresy

It is a remarkable fact that all the heresies which have arisen in the Christian Church have had a decided tendency to dishonor God and to flatter man. ~ Charles Spurgeon A study released by LifeWay Research several years ago … Continue reading