Why Christians should never use The Message ‘Bible’

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire) The Message is not a translation of the Bible. It is not a para-translation, as its publishers have so cleverly called it. Nor is it simply a paraphrase, because its earthly author, Eugene Peterson, … Continue reading 

Southern Baptist-Owned LifeWay Stores Won’t Pull ‘Message Bible’ After Author’s ‘Gay Marriage’ Retraction

As previously reported here and here, a huge hullabaloo erupted after retired pastor and author Eugene Peterson, best known for “The Message,” commented during an interview that he would be willing to officiate a same-sex ceremony for “Christians of good faith” … Continue reading 

Self-absorbed ‘Christians’ And Their Perceptions Of The Bible

By Marsha West Because I’ve been involved in online discernment for 17 years, people ask me questions about the latest fads sweeping through the visible Church; likewise, my view on different movements or of someone’s teaching they find concerning. I’m … Continue reading 

Silly Putty Bible Study

“The Holy Spirit did not mean one thing when Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus and then something entirely different when we read it 2,000 years later. There are no private messages in the Bible.” (Greg Koukl) 21st-century kids … Continue reading 

Moody Bible Institute—Trying to Hold on to a Biblical Heritage While Riding the Wave of the Emerging Church

(Lighthouse Trails) Several years ago, Rick Warren said something that still haunts us—leaders of the new purpose-driven, emergent “Christianity” will have to wait until resisters either leave or die before the plan can be fully implemented.1  In other words, they are … Continue reading 

The Power of De-Conversion Stories: How Jen Hatmaker is Trying to Change Minds About the Bible

Fans of Jen Hatmaker may not realize that she follows the same basic playbook used by former megachurch pastor and Oprah Winfrey pal Rob Bell and other progressive “Christians.” According to Michael J. Kruger, professor of Reformed Theological Seminary, the details … Continue reading 

Jesus Calling Devotional Bible?–Putting Words in Jesus’ Mouth–And in the Bible

From Berean Research: The blockbuster book Jesus Calling has sold more the 15 million copies.  Jesus Calling was published in 2004 and has remained on bestseller lists ever since.  According to the book’s publisher, “After many years of writing her own words … Continue reading 

A Whole lotta ‘Christian’ bestsellers are unfit for Christian consumption

(Marsha West – Christian Research Network)  Sadly, “Christian” book sellers line their shelves with books that are clearly unbiblical. Books that put a positive spin on New Age spirituality, Eastern mysticism, LGBTQ+ issues and so forth are available through online … Continue reading 

Lauding Heretic, Eugene Peterson, Beth Moore Compares Him to Beethoven

“An advocate of the now largely defunct Emergent Church, Peterson actually encouraged people not to read or study the Bible. Peterson created a Bible paraphrase that was as least like the Bible as humanly possible, because Peterson wanted people to … Continue reading 

Money Grubber Rod Parsley ‘Binds’ Austism, Aspergers and OCD’ in Favored Grift

(Protestia) Rod Parsley is the impastor of World Harvest Church and a noted Word of Faith televangelist. A NAR heretic who never met a bible verse he couldn’t twist, he is known for his constant money-grubbing, constantly cajoling the masses … Continue reading