Timothy Keller: Human Reason vs. Biblical Authority

“God’s true children must rely upon Biblical authority in their presentations of the gospel of Christ. They must reject the popular methodologies recommended by popular leaders like Timothy Keller. The sinfulness of sinners prevents their response to mere humanistic attempts … Continue reading 

Timothy Keller: Turning Believers Into Unbelievers?

“Sadly, Keller did not follow Jesus’ example. Early in his article, “Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople”, Keller described the opposition between creationists and evolutionists, specifically identifying professing believers and unbelievers who, like the rich, young ruler, doubt God.”  (Tom Hill) … Continue reading 

Timothy Keller’s Anti-Biblical Science: Beware Of 2 More Ways He Fails

(Tom Hill) In his article, “Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople,” Keller stated that the ability to know God could result from an evolutionary process. He supposed that traits necessary for evolutionary survival and reproduction can also enable a person to … Continue reading 

Timothy Keller: Turning Believers Into Unbelievers?

“Keller maligned those who believe in creation and reject evolution. On page one…he labeled their position as “anti-science religion.” Indeed, Keller preferred those who doubt the Bible and cling to evolution OVER against those who believe the Biblical creation accounts … Continue reading 

Timothy Keller: Evolutionist?

“Keller accepted the theories of science, which he elevated to the primary foundation for the development of his truth claims re: creation and evolution. Dr. Keller seeks to force Biblical interpretation to conform to “settled science.” He failed to accept … Continue reading 

The Accolades Given to Tim Keller Reveals an Alarming Trend Within Evangelicalism

(The Dissenter) Treading carefully not to seem as though we revel in the death of another human being—we don’t—we do feel as though enough time has passed to pour water on the fire surrounding the idolatry of a man who … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Peddles ‘Biblical Critical Theory’

“The real question that Watkin and Keller should be asking is, “Why should Christians be engaged in the practice of syncretizing a Biblical worldview with the many godless ideologies of the world.” Believers have a duty to answer the world’s … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Accuses Conservative Christians of Being ‘Angry’ Because We’re Not Actually Saved

“Paul was pretty harsh with those who went around teaching false doctrine—even at one point stating he wished that the false teachers would castrate themselves. That’s how much he hated false doctrine and those who perpetrated it. Why should we … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Faces Backlash Over Stunning Political Tweet

Warning: Graphic photo. Read the tweets at the end of the  article. (Protestia) Tim Keller, founder of The Gospel Coalition and cultural Marxist extraordinaire, has a long history of saying terrible things. For example, when his church called for more … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Promotes Gay Revoice Pastor’s Book That Teaches Christianity Doesn’t Change Homosexual Desires

“Tim Keller sees fit to promote Greg Johnson’s book which essentially teaches that homosexuality [same-sex attraction] is an affliction that one must live with for the rest of their life.”  (The Dissenter) Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCA) — that is, from … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Wrongly Portrays Pharisees as ‘Bible-believing Religious People’

“To suggest that the Pharisees were “Bible-believing religious people” is, in and of itself, false teaching, which makes men who propagate that lie false teachers. It makes Tim Keller more like the Pharisees than those he is trying to paint … Continue reading 

Gay CRU Leader, Turned Catholic, Explains How Tim Keller Helped Him Shape His Pro-LGBTQ Views

“Tim Keller’s views are toxic and spiritually poisonous and have only served to muddy the waters on cultural issues in the Church.” (Reformation Charlotte) In 2019, Reformation Charlotte broke the story that a Campus Crusade (CRU) leader — who identifies as … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Compares Pro-LGBTQ Pro-Abortion ‘Christian’ Scientist, Francis Collins, to the Prophet Daniel

(Reformation Charlotte) Evangelical elitists have been up-in-arms the last few days over a report by Daily Wire author, Meg Basham, who reported on leaked audio that NIH director, Francis Collins laughed and smirked at the prospect that people will be forced … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Says Foul-Mouthed Roman Catholic is ‘Brilliant Example’ of How to be a Christian in Public

“One can only wonder why any Bible-believing Christian still regards him as one to be followed or to learn from.”  (Reformation Charlotte) Tim Keller may not seem like the stereotypical charismatic, tongue-flapping, prosperity gospel-preaching false prophet that many false teachers … Continue reading 

Francis Collins’ and Tim Keller’s BioLogos Says God Did Not Require Jesus to Die to Forgive Sins

“Despite this clear example of heresy, mainstream Evangelicals continue to promote those associated with this godless organization and continue to characterize it as “Christian.” Besides Tim Keller, also Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, [Rick Warren] and others have platformed Collins and … Continue reading