Tom Ascol urges conservatives to think carefully about future in SBC

“We debated 45 minutes yesterday what a pastor is,” Ascol said. “We can’t really define what a pastor is. That is crazy talk for people who say they believe the Bible.” (Capstone Report) Conservative Southern Baptist leader Tom Ascol told … Continue reading 

Buckgate: How SBC Elites Conspired to Blackmail Tom and Jennifer Buck

“What you are about to read has the potential to change the trajectory of the Southern Baptist Convention. There are institutional powers, techniques, and alliances that remain hidden to many faithful SBC church members and exposing what has happened here … Continue reading 

Charlie Kirk, TPUSA Host ‘Pastors Summit’ Headlined by Atheist

The atheist isn’t the only one that should be avoided. Others include David Barton of Wall Builders and Sean Feucht of Bethel Church. Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith once said about Barton: Dave Barton…is flat out deceitful…he needs … Continue reading 

Conservative Baptist Network Under Fire for Inviting Robert Jeffress to Speak at Bible Conference

“It seems that Jeffress, instead of warning others about the dangers of these false teachers and the doctrines of demons they profess, has instead fed his sheep to these people…”  (The Dissenter) The Conservative Baptist Network (CBN) formed as a … Continue reading 

The real problem

I have been posting here on my blog for the past several months about the evils of Critical Race Theory & Intersectionality and how many “Christian” leaders have corrupted their ministries by going full bore transforming their focus from Orthodox … Continue reading 

Al Mohler Defends Firing of Professor With Biblical Views On Same-sex Attraction

“Albert Mohler did not say of word in defense of either Tom Ascol or John MacArthur in recent weeks when they were attacked by rabid feminists.” By this point, almost everyone knows that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, free from the … Continue reading 

New Founders 14-Minute Trailer Accuses Matt Chandler and Other SBC Leaders of Abandoning Scripture

“Other targets of criticism include Jarvis Williams, a prominent and influential professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) under Al Mohler as well as Matthew Hall, the provost of SBTS — both staunch proponents of Critical Race Theory.” (Jeff Maples … Continue reading 

Irony: Rick Warren decries hypocrisy, commercialized faith

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Perhaps the most influential pastor in the last thirty years is Rick Warren. This is not because of Rick Warren’s theology or teaching. Rather, Rick Warren is a church growth guru and his Purpose … Continue reading 

SBC President Approves of Female Prosperity Gospel LGBTQ Preacher on Blasphemous TBN Network

“J.D. Greear is one of the foremost leading this movement as he — the president of the Southern Baptist Convention — cheers on the rebellion of women in pulpits around the globe. And his latest ovation goes to “ex-lesbian” (who … Continue reading