Teenage Girl Harvests Eggs Before “Transitioning” to Male: “Always Known I Wanted to Have Kids”

According to CNS News:

Yahoo Parenting reported on Thursday that an 18-year-old girl who began her “transition” to male last year, took steps to ensure “he” could have a biologically-related child.

Cole Carman, who lives in San Francisco, decided that in addition to major surgery and hormone therapy she would undergo another medical procedure: having her eggs harvested.

The idea, however, came from the doctor treating Cole with hormones, according to Yahoo.

“I’ve always known I wanted to have kids of my own, so when my endocrinologist talked to me about it, it was a no-brainer,” Carman told Yahoo Parenting.

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Senate misses its ‘William Wilberforce’ moment; will not defund Planned Parenthood

ChristianExaminer reports:

A bill to defund Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider plagued by four undercover videos showing its doctors negotiating the sale of aborted fetal body parts, stalled today after failing to receive the votes necessary for cloture, a parliamentary move to end debate and send the bill to the full Senate for consideration.

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New doping crisis to “shake the foundation” of athletics

According to Yahoo News:

The World Anti-Doping Agency said Sunday it was “very alarmed” by new accusations of mass doping that have plunged athletics into a deep crisis.

WADA president Craig Reedie said the new claims would “shake the foundation” of athletes trying to stay clean.

German television channel ARD and Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper said they had been leaked a database belonging to athletics governing body the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) with details of 12,000 blood tests from 5,000 competitors which revealed “extraordinary” levels of doping.

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Rob Bell returns: His thoughts on creation, modern “kingdom of God”

Former Mars Hill pastor Rob Bell, who now has his own TV show on the Oprah channel, brought his “Everything is Spiritual” tour to Grand Rapids. During his one man show, Bell offered his convoluted version of the creation story, which of course has nothing to do with what the Bible teaches on creation. No surprise there, as long ago Bell rejected the inerrancy of Scripture and embraced the view of Christianity taught by Emergent Church apostates. During the show, Bell passed on this “truth” to his audience: “You are just a pile of dust and yet you can hope and dream and feel compassion and love. You are crammed full of something called spirit. You are an exotic cocktail of dust, soul, bone and spirit.”

MLive has the report:

“In the beginning,” Rob Bell said, “was a point.” That point of energy went bang and, over some 13 billion years of “ongoing creation,” particles bonded to become more complex atoms, which bonded to become more complex molecules, which bonded to become more complex cells, which bonded to become human beings.

Now, the spiritual inertia of the universe tugs at humankind to sustain that pattern of evolution, Bell said Wednesday, July 29, at The Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids.

“What, my brothers and sisters, is pulling the whole thing forward into greater complexity and depth and unity and inclusion?” Bell asked. “The thing (Jesus) kept talking about was the ‘kingdom of God.’ This is what he was talking about.”

The founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church who moved to California three years ago, Bell came back to Grand Rapids to reprise an “Everything is Spiritual” speaking tour that he first did a decade ago. Talking about atoms rather than the biblical Adam, Bell gave a fast-paced, often comical sketch of the history of the universe, with frequent interjections of pop-culture references to music, movies and dancing Super Bowl sharks.

Dismissing secular and churchy viewpoints, Bell said humanity is hard-wired over billions of years of evolution to progress toward greater equality and unity.

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Call it “research,” not “business,” Planned Parenthood doc says in latest sting video

Fox News has released another sting video along with this quote from Dr. Savita Ginde: “A lot of times, especially with the second [trimester fetuses], we won’t even put water, because it’s so big you can put your hand in there and pick out the parts.” Here’s the report:

A Colorado Planned Parenthood doctor stresses calling the harvesting of fetal tissue “research” and not “business” — and casually pokes around in a petri dish of aborted remains as a colleague exclaims, “Another boy!” — in the latest video released Thursday by an activist group whose hidden camera stings have imperiled the embattled nonprofit’s taxpayer funding.

The video’s release by the Center for Medical Progress comes a day after CMP was issued a restraining order preventing it from issuing any new footage of a group that worked with Planned Parenthood, StemExpress. But Thursday’s material focuses almost entirely on a woman identified as Dr. Savita Ginde, the vice president and medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

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Shocking Gender Indoctrination in California

Stand Up For The Truth reports:

Do not be surprised, but young children are being taught that they can choose to be a boy or a girl — or both. Boys, for example, should be comfortable wearing girls’ clothes and nail polish, etc. And there aren’t just two genders, there can be a range. And, of course, the school does not allow parents to opt their kids out. Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, CA has hired a “gender coach” from “Gender Spectrum,” a radical gender group, to go into the classrooms. As Fox News observed, Gender Spectrum’s mission is to “create more gender-sensitive environments for kids.”

As the San Jose Mercury News reported

On Monday morning, children in Cynthia Bagby’s kindergarten class discussed whether there were, in fact, “girl colors” and “boy colors.” Some giggled when Joel Baum, the trainer from Gender Spectrum, read “My Princess Boy,” a nonfiction children’s book by Cheryl Kilodavis about her son who liked to wear dresses and a tiara. Not surprisingly, in these tough economic times the program is being paid for by the California Teachers Association (CTA).

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Court Blocks Release of Undercover Video of Company That Buys Baby Parts from Planned Parenthood

According to Christian News Network:

A California court has blocked the release of undercover investigative videos featuring one of the companies that allegedly purchases the organs of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood.

The Los Angeles Superior Court issued a temporary restraining order on Tuesday banning the Center for Medical Progress from releasing undercover video footage of representatives of StemExpress, a “a multi-million dollar company that supplies human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to bio-medical researchers.”

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California Drought Could Wipe Cities Off Map If Their Water Runs Out

Because of the drought crisis in California, some people have lost everything. It’s far worse than most of us realize. According to a CBS Sacramento‘s report, one woman does dishes with bottled water. “In the days before help arrived, she didn’t use soap. She gave the leftover dishwater to her kids. Living in poverty with no running water, she may have to leave.” Wells and lakes are drying up, so families are packing up for Oregon, Illinois, Georgia — even Mexico to find work!

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Mark Driscoll Confirms Move to Phoenix, Sparks Speculation of Church Plant

Christian Headlines reports:

Controversial pastor Mark Driscoll has reportedly announced plans to move to Phoenix Arizona. Christian Today reports the pastor confirmed his move but said there are “no concrete plans for ongoing local church ministry as of yet.”

In an email, Driscoll said church ministry, “remains a calling and desire, but my plan is not to rush into anything. Instead, caring for each member of our family, seeking the wise counsel of pastors we are walking with, and building local relationships with Christian leaders to help build churches locally and globally is our focus. Beyond that, we will see how the Lord leads.”

Still, some believe Driscoll’s move has to do with a new church planting endeavor.

Recently, Driscoll took part in Hillsong Church’s conferences in Australia and London through a videotaped interview with Hillsong founder Brian Houston. Critics protested the event, arguing that the pastor had not sought repentance for past sins against the former Mars Hill Church.

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Atheist group cries “foul” after BSA lifts ban on gays, but not its own

ChristianExaminer reports this not so surprising story — the Boy Scouts of America are getting harassed by atheists!:

The atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation is praising the Boy Scouts of America for their new policy allowing gay adult leaders and employees in the organization, but also rebuking it for not extending the same opportunity to atheists.

In a statement issued after the BSA announced its policy shift, the Wisconsin-based group said the BSA had “cut a deal with the churches and conservative religious groups that run many packs and troops by exempting them from the deal [mandating the acceptance of homosexual leaders].”

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Boy Scouts of America end total ban on gay adults

Seems the constant harassment coming from the powerful homosexual lobby was too much for the Scouts’ leadership. They finally caved in from the pressure. Yahoo News has the story:

The Boy Scouts of America on Monday ended its blanket ban on gay adult leaders while allowing church-sponsored Scout units to maintain the exclusion for religious reasons.

The new policy, aimed at easing a controversy that has embroiled the Boy Scouts for years, takes effect immediately. It was approved by the BSA’s National Executive Board on a 45-12 vote during a closed-to-the-media teleconference.

“For far too long this issue has divided and distracted us,” said the BSA’s president, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. “Now it’s time to unite behind our shared belief in the extraordinary power of Scouting to be a force for good.”

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Technician details harvesting fetal parts for Planned Parenthood in latest video

Fox News has the latest on the Planned Parenthood scandal:

Graphic video warning!

Pre-born babyA technician who said she worked for a company that partnered with Planned Parenthood to harvest fetal tissue said there’s “incentive to try and get the hard stuff ‘cause you’re going to get more money,” in the latest undercover video targeting Planned Parenthood.

“For whatever we could procure, they would get a certain percentage,” said Holly O’Donnell, identified as an ex-procurement technician for StemExpress, a Placerville, Calif., company. “The main nurse was always trying to make sure we got our specimens. No one else really cared, but the main nurse did because she knew that Planned Parenthood was getting compensated.”

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State Obamacare Exchanges Struggling With High Costs and Disappointing Enrollment

According to CNS News:

State-run health insurance markets that offer coverage under President Barack Obama’s health law are struggling with high costs and disappointing enrollment. These challenges could lead more of them to turn over operations to the federal government or join forces with other states.

Hawaii’s marketplace, the latest cautionary tale, was awarded $205 million in federal startup grants. It has spent about $139 million and enrolled 8,200 customers for individual coverage in 2015. Unable to sustain itself, the state marketplace is turning over sign-ups to the federal HealthCare.gov for 2016.

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Musk, Hawking warn of “inevitable” killer robot arms race

Wired reports:

A global robotic arms race “is virtually inevitable” unless a ban is imposed on autonomous weapons, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and 1,000 academics, researchers and public figures have warned.

In an open letter presented at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Buenos Aries, the Future of Life Institute signatories caution that “starting a military AI arms race is a bad idea, and should be prevented by a ban on offensive autonomous weapons beyond meaningful human control”.

Although the letter, first reported by the Guardian, notes that “we believe that AI has great potential to benefit humanity in many ways, and that the goal of the field should be to do so”, it concludes that “this technological trajectory is obvious: autonomous weapons will become the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow”.

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California AG to review group behind Planned Parenthood videos

Fox News has this report:

California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced Friday she plans to review two undercover videos released by anti-abortion activists aimed at discrediting Planned Parenthood’s procedures for providing fetal tissue to researchers to see if any law was broken in the filming.

Harris made the announcement in a letter to four Democratic members of Congress who had requested the investigation, saying she’ll use her office’s authority to regulate charity organizations to see if the organization that made the videos violated registration or reporting requirements, or broke any other rules.

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Baphomet Statue Unveiled in Detroit to Shouts of “Hail Satan,” Satanist Men Kissing

According to Christian News Network:

At least 100 people attended the unveiling of a Satanic statue depicting Baphomet being flanked by children on Saturday—a statue that was originally intended to be placed at the Oklahoma state capitol and now may be the subject of an effort to erect it next to a Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas.

As previously reported, the New York-based Satanic Temple had scheduled the unveiling for July 25th in Detroit, Michigan. The group says that it chose Detroit because it has a “good community” of followers, with over 200 members, billing the event as “a night of chaos, noise, and debauchery.”

“Come dance with the Devil and experience history in the making,” its invitation read.

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Southern Baptist Leader Russell Moore to Interview Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio at Evangelical Rally

According to Christian Headlines:

Russell Moore, head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, will interview Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush in Nashville, Tenn., next month in front of a sold-out crowd of 13,000 evangelical pastors and leaders.

Moore will also interview Sen. Marco Rubio, a Floridian like Bush and now a GOP rival, by video during the Aug. 4 rally at the Bridgestone Arena.

But the unusual event is being seen as both a major effort by Bush to reach out to Christian conservatives — a key constituency Bush has sometimes struggled to win over — and by evangelicals to reassert their political influence during a time of landmark social change.

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Group To Unveil Satan Statue In Detroit During “Largest Public Satanic Ceremony In History”

CBS Detroit reports:

Satanic TempleA group is planning to unveil an 8-foot-tall bronze statue featuring a goat-headed Satan in Detroit during a gathering that’s being billed as the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.”

The Satanic Temple has said Saturday’s private event will be open only to people with tickets, $25 each. Invitations to “The Unveiling” summoned guests to prepare for “a night of chaos, noise, and debauchery… Come dance with the Devil and experience history in the making.” The event location is not being announced publicly and is known only to those with tickets.

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Kenyan president rebukes Obama’s gay rights message

The Hill reports:

President Obama on Saturday made an personal plea for gay rights during his visit to Kenya, warning that “bad things happen” when countries discriminate against certain groups of people.

“As an African-American in the United States, I am painfully aware of the history of what happens when people are treated differently under the law,” Obama added during a joint press conference with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. “I’m unequivocal on this.”

But Obama’s call for universal gay rights was quickly dismissed by Kenyatta, who described the issue as something “our culture, our society does not accept.”

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Court docs: Brittney Griner claims Glory Johnson cheated, had “sexual relations with man”

According to USA Today:

Brittney Griner shockingly filed to annul her marriage with Glory Johnson just 28 days after the same-sex couple wed and one day after Johnson announced she was pregnant by using donated sperm. At the time, Griner cited “fraudulent statements” made by Johnson and pressure into marriage “under duress” in the original June 5 paperwork.

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ISIS planning to use toy helicopters as bombing drones fear security chiefs

According to the UK Mirror:

Counter-terror chiefs fear Islamist fanatics plan to launch deadly bomb attacks on the UK’s streets using unmanned toy drones.

Both MI5 and police battling the threat of an IS outrage in Britain believe the network has experimented with planting high explosives on the tiny flying machines.

The agile drones could lift enough C4 plastic explosive to kill or maim a person if detonated near someone’s head by remote control or a timer.

Sources told the Mirror that police probing IS plots against UK citizens believe terror bosses want to launch a multi-drone attack.

This could mean flying the helicopter-style toys by remote control into crowds at an open-air music festival or a football ground.

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Undercover Videomaker: “Even Worse” Planned Parenthood Videos Coming

Newsmax reports:

Pre-born babyCenter for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden says his group has hundreds or thousands of hours of undercover video of abortion providers that will be released in the coming weeks and months, and that some of it is “even worse” than the two videos already aired to the public.

Shot over the past two-and-a-half years, the group has “dozens upon dozens” of hours of “the really, really shocking compelling stuff,” Daleiden told Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Wednesday.

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Brit Hume: Planned Parenthood Videos Have “Laid Bare the Brutal Nature of Abortion”

Christian News Network reports:

A nationally-recognized political commentator says that regardless of whether or not Planned Parenthood is profiting from the organs of the babies killed at its facilities, the videos released about the matter have helped to expose and delineate the bloody brutality that is abortion.

“Whatever comes of the revelations about Planned Parenthood and its trafficking of fetal body parts, those revelations will have achieved on thing: They have parted the veil of antiseptic tidiness behind which the abortion industry has so long operated,” Brit Hume stated during a recent airing of Fox’s Special Report with Bret Baier.

“The sight of a senior Planned Parenthood official—and a doctor to boot—discussing the market for fetal body parts in between bites of salad and sips of wine was stomach turning. That’s because it laid bare the brutal nature of abortion,” he said.

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