Trump to Sign Religious Freedom Order Amid Retention of Homosexual, Transgender Protections

According to Christian News: Reports state that President Trump might soon issue an executive order protecting the rights of religious groups following his decision to keep an Obama-era order banning groups that contract with the federal government from “discriminating” against … Continue reading 

Don’t call pregnant women ‘expectant mothers’ as it might offend transgender people, BMA says

According to The Telegraph: The British Medical Association has said pregnant women should not be called “expectant mothers” as it could offend transgender people. Instead, they should call them “pregnant people” so as not to upset intersex and transgender men, the … Continue reading 

Trump Administration to Keep Intact Obama Order on Homosexual, Transgender Protections

According to Christian News: The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it plans to retain Barack Obama’s 2014 order banning federal contractors from engaging in “discrimination” in employment matters against homosexual and transgendered persons. “President Trump continues to be respectful … Continue reading 

Obama appoints Gabby Douglas, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, transgender figures and more to administration positions hours before leaving office

According to Aol News, Barack Obama has been “rushing to fill dozens of federal vacancies” with liberals: With only hours to go until he leaves the White House and loses his executive authority for good, President Barack Obama appointed a slew … Continue reading 

Sensitivity Video Teaches Police to Ask Transgenders Their Preferred Pronoun, Allow Restroom Preference

Christian News Network reports: A sensitivity training video recently released by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) teaches police officers nationwide to ask men who identify as women and vice versa which gender pronoun they prefer, and to allow them to … Continue reading 

Obama’s Transgender Video: Cops Must Ignore Local Laws, Science

According to Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart, the DOJ is training law enforcement officers “to suppress their power of observation, forget what they learned about biology, and ignore local laws that exclude men from women’s public bathrooms.” He writes: Barack Obama’s Department … Continue reading 

New transgender “bathroom” law, signed by GOP Governor, already changing life in Massachusetts

MassResistance reports on what’s going on inside a Massachusetts prison: Male prison guard can use female locker rooms despite objections from women Employees who disagree forced to take diversity training “I’m transgendering and they’re coming along for the ride” Even … Continue reading