Beth Moore Denounces Southern Baptists as ‘Masters of Diversion’ For Dealing With Women Preachers

“This accusation is not only unfounded but also hypocritical. Moore herself uses this tactic to divert attention from her many, many false teachings as well as her alignment with liberals, rank heretics, and God-hating social activists who promote everything from … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Joining ‘Volf’ in Sheep’s Clothing for Painters, Prophets, Poets Conference

“Volf [is a] progressive thinker who argued in 2016 that all Christians should vote for Hillary Clinton, as her worldview was more in line with Christian principles and beliefs than Donald Trump. He has strenuously argued that Jews, Christians, and … Continue reading 

Imam Stands in Pulpit at Beth Moore’s Church and Preaches From the Koran

“Beth Moore’s church has now invited a Muslim Imam to come deliver a sermon and offer a prayer of worship in front of the church. This Imam came and took the pulpit…”  (The Dissenter) Beth Moore, when she apostatized a … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Goes Full Robin DiAngelo, Calling White Men Racist

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) A recently surface video from the “Racism In The White Church” conference shows Beth Moore going full Robin DiAngelo trying to convince white people how racist they are. Woke Preacher Clips unveiled a video … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Beth Moore, David French, And Tim Keller for Not Opposing Drag Queen Story Hour

Tucker describes a scene in Canada “where a no-name pastor was violently thrown out of a public library where men dressed as hyper-sexualized caricatures of women danced around with little children…” (The Dissenter) I may not agree with everything Tucker … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Rants Over Women Not Being Allowed To Preach In The SBC On The Podcast Of An Advocate for ‘Gay Christianity’

(The Dissenter) Preston Sprinkle is the founder of the Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender, a ministry dedicated to advocating and promoting “Side B” “gay Christianity.” Similar to Revoice, of which he is also an original advisory board member, Sprinkles’ ministry promotes … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Attacks Jonathan Edwards for Being Direct About God’s Indignation Toward Sinners

“Well, here’s the thing, and here’s why Jonathan Edwards does appeal to true followers of Christ; because true believers understand the magnitude of God’s mercy and grace only by understanding the gravity of their offense against Him.” (The Dissenter) The … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Heads Preaching Conference at Gay-Affirming ‘Christian’ University

Baylor launched a website on sexuality last week which appears to take a softening stance on homosexuality. The website states that it is “committed to providing a caring, loving and supportive community for students in all aspects of their lives, including the development … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Preaches Sunday Morning at Baptist Megachurch in Houston, Belittles Her Husband

(The Dissenter) Beth Moore’s feud with the Southern Baptist Convention didn’t last long. After last year’s departure from the denomination, because it would not allow women to preach in pulpits, she announced that she was “no longer a Southern Baptist” … Continue reading 

Beth Moore attacks politics and partisanship in political and partisan tweet

Julie Kelly noted that Beth Moore is attempting to smear an entire political party. She said, “What a horrible human being. People of faith and decency do not condemn an entire political party for the act of one deranged 18-year-old.” (Capstone … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Scolds Men Who Believe Women Shouldn’t Post Immodest Pictures on Social Media

“The raging feminist wing of professing Christendom always likes to come in and defend the indefensible. First up, Beth Moore…” (Reformation Charlotte) First, I want to start by stating that the problem of immodesty is not unique to women–there are … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Complains That John MacArthur and Others Didn’t Apologize for Telling Her to ‘Go Home’

(Reformation Charlotte) Several months ago, Beth Moore—the foremost false prophetess in all of modern Evangelicalism—announced to the world that she was leaving the Southern Baptist Convention. Her reason? Southern Baptists just weren’t moving fast enough toward embracing her feminism and … Continue reading 

Beth Moore is finally ‘home’

I am not remarking on a liturgical service or anything about Anglicanism. I am saying that Beth Moore’s departure from the SBC to a place where her heart’s desire has always been to serve in a place the Bible forbids … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Says Abstaining From Gay Sex is a ‘Sacrifice’ For Gay Celibates

“Moore explains that homosexuals who choose not to practice their sin are actually “sacrificing” themselves for this cause.” (Reformation Charlotte)  Beth Moore has said some of the most ludicrous things over the years, but until recently, nobody would have suspected … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Affirms Divorce For Women Who Don’t Want Sexual Relations With Husband

“She kicks against the goads with God’s word anyway, and she does so in the name of Jesus–something she complains about other people doing.” (Reformation Charlotte)  Beth Moore is championing a new cause: sexual coercion. If it isn’t one thing, … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Demeans Godly Women As ‘Just Packing the Brothers’ Lunchkits’

“Beth Moore likes to build straw men so she can tear them down while she laughs and mocks faithful leaders and Christians in the Church and now, other women who choose obedience over rebellion.” (Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Beth … Continue reading 

A Typical Beth Moore Study – Her Teaching Is Not Bible Teaching

Gabriel Hughes responds to an email he received defending Beth Moore. He concludes his piece by saying: I’ve written this response to you for two reasons. Number one, that you may know that calling out false teachers is not unloving. In fact, … Continue reading