Fake Conservative Commentator David French Urges Republicans to Vote for Biden

“To put it simply, French tells Christians not to believe their own eyes and ears, and especially not to harken to the angry and vitriolic State of the Union speech a few days ago where Biden recommitted his…abortion policies to … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Beth Moore, David French, And Tim Keller for Not Opposing Drag Queen Story Hour

Tucker describes a scene in Canada “where a no-name pastor was violently thrown out of a public library where men dressed as hyper-sexualized caricatures of women danced around with little children…” (The Dissenter) I may not agree with everything Tucker … Continue reading 

Phil Vischer Goes Full Liberal: Clowns Al Mohler on David French’s Support of Homosexuality

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) It’s no secret that Phil Vischer has gone off the deep end on theological liberalism. This has been covered extensively in the past with his singing with Francis Collins and his tacit support of abortion  and  … Continue reading 

David French Joins Southern Baptist Leaders in Praising Joe Biden for ‘Character’

“French, who claims to be a Christian…demands we set aside our policy differences with Joe Biden because he has endured “terrible grief” in his life. Never mind that Joe Biden wants to kill babies, force the LGBTQ agenda down your … Continue reading 

Top Evangelical Leftist Ring-Leaders are Even Further Left Than ‘I Don’t Know What a Woman Is’ Ketanji Brown Jackson

“Despite all of this, two of the nation’s top Evangelical liberal figureheads, Russell Moore and David French, are even further left than these far-left progressive activists on the Supreme Court.” (The Dissenter) The appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the … Continue reading 

Right Now Media Brings Left-Wing Partisan Political Indoctrination to Church Small Groups

Attempts to gain political power and enact laws that reflect Biblical values by Christian conservatives like U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson are rhetorically slapped down with the labels of “Political Idolatry” and “Christian Nationalism.” (Paul Brown) With less than nine … Continue reading 

Russell Moore’s New Curriculum Exists to Give Pastors ‘Plausible Deniability’ For Avoiding Politics in the Pulpit

“This clip is representative of how many of these gospel-centered parachurch organizations work. They encourage pastors to focus narrowly on the gospel while these organizations disciple people with bad application that smuggles in leftism and egalitarianism.” (Protestia) Months after former … Continue reading 

Russell Moore’s Church-Teaching Partner Says New Age Breathing Techniques Originate in Jesus

(The Dissenter) A few months ago, I published a video on Twitter of a man named Curtis Chang who made the asinine argument that getting the COVID vaXX was just like Jesus saving people—the vaccine “redeemed an abortion” the same … Continue reading 

Is God Using Sexual Immorality to Separate the Sheep from the Goats?

“If you attend a church where people can openly support what the Bible calls an abomination and the church refuses to do anything about it, respectfully speak to the pastor or elders….” (The Doctrinal Watchdog) The time has come to … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition Uses the Book of Ruth to Defend Same-Sex Civil Unions

“In the example of Ruth and Naomi how is that relationship enhanced or harmed by any external civil policy whatsoever? The idea of such a thing is smuggled into the conversation in an attempt to lend credence to its thesis. … Continue reading 

The ‘F’ Word: The Revival of Fundamentalism

“It’s a smear campaign used as a power-grab agenda in order to control the narrative and retain power in specific circles of evangelicalism. To be clear, such a narrative will never win the day. Truth will prevail.” (Josh Buice – … Continue reading 

Wake Up Church! If This Doesn’t Tick You Off, Nothing Will. Youngest ‘Transgender’ Model Ever

You must watch the short video to the end so you will see this child’s parents. (The Dissenter) Judgment begins in the house of God. The Church has been largely silent on the transgender movement plaguing the nations. Spearheaded by … Continue reading 

Southern Baptist Leaders Join Leftists Signing Pro-Vax Statement Calling Francis Collins a Faith Healing Minister

“It’s already come to light in recent months that these vaccines are useless and have ultimately caused more harm than good. Evidence is mounting that these vaccines are the cause of unforeseen illnesses, heart issues, and other serious medical problems … Continue reading 

‘Christian Nationalism’ Is the Left’s Latest Weapon for Excluding 74 Million Americans From the Public Square

“Christian Nationalism” essentially is just another way of saying white evangelicals, who make up about a fourth of the American voting population, are bigots and racists. Another heaping helping of critical race theory, anybody? (Mark Tapscott – PJ Media)  If … Continue reading 

Russell Moore: This is not most important election of our lives?

“No amount of Neville Chamberlain like ERLC appeasement or David French style of existing as a cheese eating surrender monkey will satisfy the looming Big Tech-Big Business-Democrat-Technocratic-Totalitarianism.” In a video published by The Gospel Coalition Russell Moore said the 2020 … Continue reading 

As New Evidence of Progressive Bigotry Emerges, Jack Phillips Finally Wins His Case

“I’ve long argued that Justice Kennedy’s “narrow” opinion in Masterpiece Cakeshop was actually more far-reaching than many observers thought — in part because the anti-religious sentiments Kennedy condemned are far more common than many imagine. I’ve seen similar sentiments actually written … Continue reading