Featured LifeWay Speaker Who Says God Raised Up Homosexuals as the Most Credible Voices on Sexuality Defends Rachel Gilson

(The Dissenter) Yesterday, The Dissenter broke the story that a Southern Baptist Convention-approved women’s conference during the annual meeting would be featuring a speaker who preached a sermon a few years ago stating that homosexuals who are in a “gay marriage” … Continue reading 

Check Out This Rank Heresy Study Bible that LifeWay is Releasing

“The work by Henry Blackaby known as “Experiencing God” was a gateway to the modern “God told me” language that is so common within our evangelical culture today. We must be honest, that method of discerning the will of God … Continue reading 

Lifeway Still Peddling False Teachers Including ‘Gay Christianity’ Revoice Resources

Check out some of the books LifeWay is peddling to Christian consumers, books that are chock-full of heresy and steeped in the world of the occult. The books are written by false teachers, a.k.a. wolves in sheep’s clothing.   (Reformation Charlotte) … Continue reading 

Lifeway DOESN’T Carry Voddie Baucham’s #1 Best-Selling ‘Fault Lines,’ but Has Entire Landing Page for Christine Caine

(Protestia)  Despite the financial collapse and implosion that has led Lifeway, the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention to close all its retail stores, lay off thousands of staff, and lose tens of millions of dollars, they continue to … Continue reading 

Former LifeWay Executive Joins Host of False Prophets For ‘Worship’ and ‘Prayer’

“Now that Stetzer has left LifeWay, he holds the Billy Graham Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College, serves as Dean of the School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership at Wheaton College, and serves as Executive Director of … Continue reading 

Demise of LifeWay: Changing times or because they peddled heresy?

“[A] movement was launched against LifeWay by comments construed as elitist towards its customers in 2014 by Ed Stezter in response to concerns over John Piper’s cozy comments to the Pope.” (Ray Fava – NOQ Report)  It’s not the best of … Continue reading 

Southern Baptist-Owned LifeWay Stores Won’t Pull ‘Message Bible’ After Author’s ‘Gay Marriage’ Retraction

As previously reported here and here, a huge hullabaloo erupted after retired pastor and author Eugene Peterson, best known for “The Message,” commented during an interview that he would be willing to officiate a same-sex ceremony for “Christians of good faith” … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Preaches Sunday Morning at Baptist Megachurch in Houston, Belittles Her Husband

(The Dissenter) Beth Moore’s feud with the Southern Baptist Convention didn’t last long. After last year’s departure from the denomination, because it would not allow women to preach in pulpits, she announced that she was “no longer a Southern Baptist” … Continue reading 

Research: Heresy

It is a remarkable fact that all the heresies which have arisen in the Christian Church have had a decided tendency to dishonor God and to flatter man. ~ Charles Spurgeon A study released by LifeWay Research several years ago … Continue reading 

Sarah Young’s Heretical Book ‘Jesus Calling’ Has sold 40,000,000 Copies

It can’t be denied: The Jesus of Sarah Young sounds suspiciously like a twenty-first century, Western, middle-aged woman. ~ Tim Challies (Protestia) In an announcement betraying the sad state of affairs in the Christian World, Publishers Weekly has announced that Sarah Young’s … Continue reading 

How Left-wing Covid Narratives INFILTRATED Churches

The federal government used Christian evangelical leaders to spread Covid propaganda. Be sure to watch Megan Basham’s video at the bottom of the page to hear her explain how our government manipulated progressive evangelical leaders to spread the word. For … Continue reading 

ERLC, CT, TGC: How The Federal Government Used Evangelical Leaders To Spread Covid Propaganda To Churches

Ed Stetzer, CT, and The Gospel Coalition [along with Tim Keller, Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N.T. Wright] were hardly alone in uncritically lending their sway over rank-and-file evangelicals to Collins. The list of Christian leaders who passed the NIH director … Continue reading