The Bible Project’s Tim Mackie believes Penal Substitutionary Atonement stems from pagan sacrifice rituals

“In his denial of the Penal Substitutionary Atonement, Tim Mackie is following in the footsteps of The Shack author William Paul Young, and many others.” (John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire) Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; … Continue reading 

The Bible Project’s Tim Mackie Says Jesus Practiced Eastern Mysticism, Beware of This Dangerous False Teacher

“It’s like it’s soul level. It’s being level consciousness. And somehow, when you’re in that vulnerable state, human beings are open to reality in a way that we are fully guarded against when we’re in our ego-conscious moments.” (The Dissenter) … Continue reading 

The Bible Project co-founder Tim Mackie’s unwise endorsement

In a sermon, Mackie again mentions the “Catholic priest Father Thomas Keating, who I’ve learned a lot about prayer from…” (John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire) The Bible Project co-founder Tim Mackie essentially endorsed contemplative Thomas Keating in the Foreword … Continue reading 

Tim Mackie of the Bible Project Denies Literal Hell, Says It’s Something That Humans Created

“It is unclear whether Tim Mackie is intentionally trying to deceive or mislead people, but it is evident that his tendency to deny the literal existence of a Hell created by God for the eternal punishment of the reprobate raises … Continue reading 

Tim Mackie’s (The Bible Project) rejection of key biblical doctrine

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire) A well done video about The Bible Project’s Tim Mackie and his views of hell, heaven, and the substitutionary atonement. Yes, The Bible Project has produced many great videos, but churches that use The … Continue reading 

Warning about ‘The Bible Project’

“As Hughes makes clear, The Bible Project, despite many wonderful videos, is not to be recommended. Omit propitiation and you have a different doctrine of the atonement. A different atonement means a different Jesus.” (John Lanagan – The Word Like … Continue reading 

Altered States of Consciousness in Bible, believes Bible Project’s Tim Mackie

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire) Altered State of Consciousness: A meditative or drug-induced non-ordinary state of mind. In a religious context, a state where the seeker is drawn out of his normal thinking processes into “self-realization” or contact with … Continue reading 

Bible Project’s Tim Mackie and contemplative prayer

“Why do Mackie and Tyler Staton not know this about Keating? Sure, Keating can speak “Christianese” if that is what his audience requires. He can speak of Trinitarian love, or about Christ with seeming sincerity. But it doesn’t take much … Continue reading 

The Only ‘Prophets’ the Bible Says Will Endure Throughout the Church Age are False Prophets

“While the early Church was indeed characterized by the extraordinary offices of apostles and prophets, the New Testament does not teach their continuation after the apostolic age. Instead, it warns vehemently against false prophets and emphasizes the need for doctrinal … Continue reading 

‘The Chosen’ Sets Former DreamWorks Exec Mark Sourian As President Of Production, Will Serve As Foundation For Bible-Based Entertainment Universe

“Right away, I could tell that there was a real emotional connection that Dallas [Jenkins] had to the material. And the more that I got to know Dallas and the more that he talked rather secularly, frankly, about the show, … Continue reading 

‘Reformation Project’ Recruits Volunteers Nationwide to Influence Churches to Embrace Homosexuality

According to Christian News Network: A homosexual advocacy group is recruiting volunteers to influence churches nationwide to embrace homosexuality. The Reformation Project describes itself as “a Bible-based, Christian non-profit organization that seeks to reform church teaching on sexual orientation and … Continue reading 

Allen Parr vs Discernment Ministries: How Allen Parr Gatekeeps on Discernment

“In a biblically illiterate culture, it is easy for misconceptions to metastasize while many have been led into false theological upbringings. Many of those people, particularly when they came out of hyper-charismatic or NAR movements, are especially thankful for discernment … Continue reading 

Research: Heresy

It is a remarkable fact that all the heresies which have arisen in the Christian Church have had a decided tendency to dishonor God and to flatter man. ~ Charles Spurgeon A study released by LifeWay Research several years ago … Continue reading 

Shockingly, Many Christians Think Nothing of Using Satanic Practices to ‘Experience God in a Powerful Way’

(Marsha West – Christian Research Network) Today I visited a long-time friend’s Facebook page. I’ll call her Ginger.  Ginger is a professing Christian who says she reads the Bible regularly as well as what she deems Christian books. My attention was … Continue reading 

Enneagram to be promoted in Covenant Theological Seminary?

“You see, the Enneagram is the very antithesis of the Gospel. With the Enneagram, man is glorified; with the Gospel, God is glorified,” writes Lois Putnam, author of The Enneagram–An Enlightening Tool or an Enticing Deception? The Enneagram is not a … Continue reading 

Unreal: SBC Megachurch’s Multi-Million Dollar Man-Pleasing Aesthetics Upgrade

“The Bible calls us to a different standard. It speaks of sound teaching, equipping the saints for ministry, evangelism, and faithful Christian living. The Church’s role is not to conform to the world but to transform it through the power … Continue reading 

In Leaked Audio Former NIH Director/New Biden Science Adviser Laughs Over Threatening Unemployment to Force Vaccines, Blames Trump For Covid Deaths

“When one of the students asked Collins about the NIH funding experiments such as University of Pittsburgh studies that involved harvesting body parts from full term babies and grafting infant scalps onto lab rats, Collins did not deny knowing about … Continue reading 

Bethel Church’s new megabucks megastructure will model ‘on earth as it is in heaven’

(Marsha West – Christian Research Network)  I have groundbreaking news to report.  Bethel Church in Redding CA (BCR) has plans to construct an Apostolic Training Center. According to Bill Johnson, who holds the title “Super-Apostle” (which is comparable to holding … Continue reading 

Timothy Keller: Evolutionist?

“Keller accepted the theories of science, which he elevated to the primary foundation for the development of his truth claims re: creation and evolution. Dr. Keller seeks to force Biblical interpretation to conform to “settled science.” He failed to accept … Continue reading