The Media’s Absolute Contempt for Christians

“The use of gay special interest stories for purposes other than those of actual news: perhaps making up for lost time, or perhaps just rubbing things in the faces of those not yet up to speed with the changed mores … Continue reading 

Evangelical Response to Ravi Zacharias Scandal Reveals Our Desire for a King

“Just like Israel in the Old Testament, we demand a king over us, and all the better if it is a king who is handsome and golden-tongued. And once we have that king, we refuse to believe he may be … Continue reading 

CNN Host Baffled Over Charisma Magazine Founder’s ‘Willful Blindness’ in Placing Trump’s Policies Over Personal Character

Charismatic journalist Stephen Strang’s skilled tap-dance around CNN host’s straight-forward questions rivals that of the greatest tap dancer of all time, Fred Astaire. Heather Clark of Christian News Network has the story: CNN “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota grilled Charisma Magazine founder … Continue reading