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Elizabeth Warren Named in New Lawsuit by Nick Sandmann Claiming Damages For Calling His Face “Punchable”

The lawsuit then lists several “labels” that are now tied to the kid’s image for the rest of his lifetime, including, “racist,” “shameful,” “compared to genocide,” cavemen gestures,” “bullies,” and “be punched in the face.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Just one day after CNN settled a $275 million defamation lawsuit against them for falsely portraying a Covington Catholic High School kid as a racist and a perpetrator of “hatred” toward people of color, Nick Sandmann is now going after high profile congresswoman, Senator Elizabeth Warren, along with Ana Navarro, Maggie Haberman, and Kathy Griffin. Continue reading

Bill Johnson – Power over Principle, Honoring the Dishonorable

“In reality then, there is no power or principle from God in the NAR.  It’s one big sham, a false movement and a delusion sent by God on those who have rejected truth. This is a movement that dishonors God by attributing false signs and wonders to God.”

(Rick Becker – Famine In The Land) Todd Bentley is the product of a movement that has elevated men, women, and miracles above God. In the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) the supernatural is a vital element. In fact, the value placed on the supernatural is the underlying philosophy that has enabled charlatans, and in this case a sexual predator to thrive in the NAR. The leaders and the movement value power over principle….  Continue reading

Environmentalists Want To Take Your Food, Your Home, And Your Children

“How many resources do children consume versus the resources consumed by streaming video via Instagram’s massive array of Facebook server farms in places like Alabama, Singapore, or near the Arctic Circle, to millions of people around the country? But if Alexandria Ocasio Cortez were forced to choose between having 2.5 kids and being a celebrity living in a luxury building with an infinity pool, a rooftop dog park, massage rooms and a wood-fired pizza oven, which is especially good for the environment, it’s an easy choice.”

(Daniel Greenfield – Front Page)  At CNN’s Climate Town Hall, which set out to save the world by having ten of the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, their staffers, drug dealers, and mistresses fly out to appear in the fake news network’s facilities, Senator Bernie Sanders proposed saving the planet by killing the children. Continue reading

Blasphemous ‘Gay Jesus’ Comedy Removed From Netflix by Judge’s Order

“While we are glad to see that the movie has been removed, this should not be viewed as a “victory” for Christians.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  In a stunning display of judicial overreach, a Brazilian judge has ordered the removal of a blasphemous comedy on Netflix that depicted Jesus as a homosexual. Reformation Charlotte reported early last December that Netflix was airing a “Christmas” special by Porta dos Fundos, which received over a million signatures on a petition calling on Netflix to remove the movie. Continue reading

Warning to Parents: New Disney Cartoon Teaches Kids How to Be Witches, Using a Demon to Do So

“Folks, if you think this latest “Owl House” show is just “fantasy and fun,” think again. Over the years, Disney has gone farther and farther into the darkness of the spiritual world that opposes the living God, coming up with programming and characters that lead the vulnerable into that dark world of deception.”

(Deborah Bunting – CBN) This is so beyond Cinderella it’s not even funny. Disney has come up with a new cartoon about a teenager who, in their words, “finds herself stuck in the Demon Realm and battles the forces of evil alongside a rebellious witch and a pint-sized warrior.” Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Murdered Record Number of Unborn Babies in 2018-2019 While Receiving $616 Million in Taxpayer Funds

“[T]he role of mother in the home is greatly despised in our society. The career woman is glamorized. She is the liberated woman. She is the one who has insisted on her rights which, according to the spirit of our age, all women must by all means do. She has made a name for herself in the world,” 

(Heather Clark – Christian News) The abortion and contraception giant Planned Parenthood has released its annual report, which shows that the organization performed a record number of abortions during the 2018-2019 fiscal year, as 345,672 babies were murdered in their mother’s womb, up 12,915 from the year prior and up 24,288 from two years ago. Government funding was also at a record high, as Planned Parenthood received over $616 million in reimbursements and grants. Continue reading

Harry And Meghan Announce Split From Royal Family

“The couple have continually promoted progressive causes. This summer, for example, the Duchess and Duke announced that they will have two children at most to help save the planet and slow down climate change.” 

(Amanda Prestigiacomo – DailyWire) On Wednesday, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, announced that they would split from the Royal family to become “financially independent.”

Continue reading

Trump says Iran ‘appears to be standing down,’ missile strikes resulted in no casualties

“U.S. defense officials told Fox News the U.S. military did not attempt to shoot down the ballistic missiles fired from Iran because there were no American military assets in place to intercept them.” 

(Fox News)  President Trump declared Wednesday that Iran “appears to be standing down,” in the wake of missile strikes on American bases in Iraq that he said resulted in “no casualties.”

“Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned,” he said, in remarks from the White House the morning after the attacks. Continue reading

Are Names Up For Grabs?

“What should be evident to the reader is that the evangelicals who claim proper names are arbitrary, as regards the actual sexual identity of the person using them, are wrong. In the abstract a particular name may be used of either a man or a woman, or both. However, when it comes to “trans” individuals changing one’s name ties directly into their overall understanding of themselves as the sex which they believe themselves to be.” 

(Hiram R. Diez – Involuted)  Pronoun Hospitality?

Pressure to conform to the ways of the world will always be present in our lives as Christians. This is very clear in areas that the world deems important. For example, in the world’s current obsession with transgenderism there is a great deal of pressure placed on Christians to violate our conscience by calling men and women by their preferred gender pronouns…. Continue reading

Jeff Durbin, Secret Recordings, And Apologia Church: Delete After Reading

The following accounts are given to demonstrate that Apologia Church in Phoenix has repeatedly used secret recordings of church members in an abusive fashion and engaged repeatedly in ‘hard shepherding.’ All of the information to follow has come directly from those closely associated with Apologia Church who contacted Pulpit & Pen or Bible Thumping Wingnut after seeing their elders continue in the same cult-like practices repeatedly. In some cases, names were changed to protect the innocent.

(Seth Dunn – Pulpit & Pen)  Sean Samson* looked down at his iPad, troubled by what he saw.  Being a bit of a tech geek, Sean had set up his iPad to save all of his daughter Eleanor’s* text messages…. Continue reading

An Update On The Rise of Perry Noble. 2016-2020.

Removed from his Church, he spent 30 days in rehab and went through a dark time of depression and doubt, including having suicidal thoughts at having lost it all. With no more involvement with Newspring and no money coming in (other than the monster severance package he likely received) he founded a business called “The Growth Company”.

(Dustin Germain – Pulpit & Pen) For many people, the last they heard of Perry Noble was back in 2016. At the time he was the founder and lead pastor of Newspring Church, an SBC mega-church with a daily attendance of 32,000…. Continue reading


“Freedom of thought doesn’t always lead to wisdom as Ben Franklin surely knew.  But lockstep rejection of different beliefs bolstered by loathsome propaganda does always lead to brutal tribalism.”   

(Bill O’Reilly)  Americans are in danger and it’s kind of complicated so please stay with me here. Way back in 1722, an anonymous source who called himself “Silence Dogood” sent a newspaper editor a few opinions.  One of them simply said: “Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom.”

Continue reading

Understand the new TGC orthodoxy on gay Christians

In their imagined world, these desires become a blessing in the way physical trials such as disabilities can become a blessing, because they are a chance to show the church an outstanding model of cross-bearing. But these desires are also a challenge because, as a citizen of Sodom, your heart will most likely always turn back to gaze at the life you left behind. This is a challenge that must be lived with, not solved. 

(Cody Liebolt) Today Founders Ministries began a 5-part series entitled Revisiting Revoice. It assesses a political and theological battle dividing the PCA and now affecting the Southern Baptist Convention. Churches and denominations continue to divide on how to handle the topic of Same-Sex-Attraction…. Continue reading

Al Mohler Slams Christianity Today Editor, Mark Galli, For His Anti-Trump Hit Piece

While it is difficult to disagree with anything Mohler said in his briefing today, one can only wonder why he is so blind to the very same activity in his own backyard. Not only has Russell Moore poisoned the well of the current president but Mohler employees several politically liberal faculty members who, as well, have denounced Trump at his seminary.

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and arguably the most influential leader in the Southern Baptist Convention had some harsh words on his podcast today for the former editor of Christianity Today, Mark Galli…. Continue reading

United Methodists Propose Split: UMC to Start ‘LGBTQ’-Approving Religion While ‘Traditionalists’ Form Own Denom

With the “traditionalists” gone, Hamilton stated, it would then pave the way to allow those remaining to vote to change the United Methodist Book of Discipline to eliminate any verbiage characterizing homosexuality as being contrary to Christianity.

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  Citing that the United Methodist Church (UMC) is at an “impasse” on the issue of homosexuality, a proposal has been put forward to mutually agree for “traditionalist” United Methodists to leave and form their own denomination, so that those remaining can remove the biblical prohibition on homosexuality as encompassed in the Book of Discipline and thus allow for same-sex “marriages” in churches and the ordination of homosexual clergy. Continue reading

Michael Brown Practices Cult-Like “Fire Tunnel” Similar to Bethel Church (Republished with the correct link)

“When pressed, he will never criticize those who practice these wicked things. Why? Because he does them himself.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Do you ever wonder why Michael Brown evades criticizing those “fringe” charismatics like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church? Well, the reason is that, in Michael Brown’s view, they are not the fringe, but the norm. In fact, the idolatry and blasphemy that drips from the seams of the charismatic movement can be summed up as nothing less than outright apostasy. They claim the name of Christ, yet they practice something completely foreign to Biblical Christianity. Continue reading

Iran: ‘Death to America!’ MSM, Democrats and Hollywood: ‘How can we help?’

The New Yorker depicted Soleimani as a “flamboyant former construction worker with snowy white hair, a dapper beard and arching salt-and-pepper eyebrows” who rose to power in 1998 as the head of the Quds Force, “an Iranian unit of commandos comparable to the U.S. SEALs, Delta Force and Rangers combined.”
(M. Catharine Evans – American Thinker) The successful U.S. drone strike against a top level Iranian enemy combatant responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans has roused the Democrats, their media mouthpieces and Hollywood haters to defend the terrorist and vilify President Trump….

Continue reading

Michael Brown Practices Cult-Like “Fire Tunnel” Similar to Bethel Church

“When pressed, he will never criticize those who practice these wicked things. Why? Because he does them himself.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Do you ever wonder why Michael Brown evades criticizing those “fringe” charismatics like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church? Well, the reason is that, in Michael Brown’s view, they are not the fringe, but the norm. In fact, the idolatry and blasphemy that drips from the seams of the charismatic movement can be summed up as nothing less than outright apostasy. They claim the name of Christ, yet they practice something completely foreign to Biblical Christianity. Continue reading

Largest Christian outreach event in history planned for 2020

The title should read “Largest New Apostolic Reformation “Christian” outreach event in history planned for 2020.” According to The “Christian” Post, three of the “Christian leaders” endorsing the crusade include evangelists Heidi Baker, Andrew Palau and Daniel Kolenda, all NAR wolves in sheep’s clothing. The organizer of the outreach told the CP reporter, “God said, ‘Now is the time to do this.’” One thing is for sure. Since the NAR is a theological train wreck that is spreading a false gospel that saves no one, the god that told her to put on the worldwide event was not the God of the Bible. The god she heard from was more than likely the god of this world. So with this backdrop in mind, here’s the article:

A network of churches and ministry leaders are aiming to put on the “largest Christian outreach” crusade in history across dozens of African countries next May in a movement that will culminate on Pentecost Sunday.  Continue reading

Beth Moore Outed as NeverTrumper

“The idea that evangelical Christian voters choosing Trump over Hillary Clinton somehow killed evangelicalism is patently absurd, as if they would have been better off voting for a person and a party that had absolute contempt for them and their values.”

(C. Douglas Golden – Western Journal) Can American evangelism die because evangelicals voted for Donald Trump? This seems to be the thinking that Beth Moore, Christian evangelist and bestselling author, is following nowadays. Continue reading

Mr. Todd – Noah’s Ark Is Not a Fairy Tale

“This evidence is not just interesting on its face but demonstrates the number of scientists, historians, theologians and open-minded journalists willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads.”

(Gregory Rummo – Townhall)  Chuck Todd’s Sunday commentary on “Meet the Press” equating Trump supporters to Bible believers willing to embrace “fairy tales” is outrageous, displays an ignorance of the manuscript evidence for the authenticity of the Bible (“more than 25,000 partial and complete manuscript copies of the New Testament”), shows a dearth of understanding for the geological and historical evidence for a worldwide flood, and a lack of respect for and sensitivity to the millions of people – both Jews and Christians – who believe the biblical narrative is a true account of this catastrophe of immense proportions that went on to reshape the Earth’s geology. Continue reading

A homosexual’s ‘biblical’ reasoning for his kind of homosexuality falls flat

“This terrible confusion is theological quicksand, and Wes is ready to make our Holy Lord Jesus a model of his own desired type of “friendship”. The PCA must reject this immoral mess, and Hill’s self-serving “Scriptural” reasoning. Dr. Wesley Hill has not imparted soundness of truth. With his reading of Scripture he is out to recruit evangelical support for his kind of homosexuality, so I write to show that the Scriptures he chose for this do not support his kind of gayness at all.”

(David H. Linden – Aquila Report)  Dr. Wesley Hill has risen to the challenge of supplying biblical reasoning for his kind of homosexuality. Before we start we need a couple of things about this gay man reading and teaching the Bible…. Continue reading

An Update On Apologia ‘Church’ And Hidden Audio

“James White has done his very best to attack my character, reputation, and profession of faith – even going so far as to say I’m not saved – over the last few weeks. He is intending to ‘poison the well’ before the facts come out. This is all the more reason to have other press outlets cover the story as well, so they can be verified.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Many are asking when our exposé is coming out on Apologia Church and their immoral and grossly disqualifying practice of secretly recording audio of church members’ confessions of sins and later using them for retaliatory purposes. Continue reading

42 Million Killed: Abortion Was Leading Cause of Death in 2019

“Though it is the first day of 2020, Worldometer is already listing that some 75,000 babies will have been aborted so far this year.”

(Will Maule – Faithwire)  Abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide last year, with termination procedures accounting for some 42 million losses of life.

The latest figure was highlighted by renowned stats website “Worldometers” which keeps a tally of many different world statistics in a live format…. Continue reading

On Christians recommending the contemplative heretic Henri Nouwen

Rosaria Butterfield recommends Henri Nouwen’s “Reaching Out: The Three Movements Of The Spiritual Life”

“Rosaria Butterfield should never have given Nouwen’s Reaching Out: The Three Movements Of The Spiritual Life space in her book. This was a serious error. Do I think she had some ulterior motive? I do not.” 

By John Lanagan

“Today I personally believe that while Jesus came to open the door to God’s house, all human beings can walk through that door, whether they know about Jesus or not. Today I see it as my call to help every person claim his or her own way to God.” (Henri Nouwen, Sabbatical Journey, pg. 51)

Henri Nouwen was a heretic, yet remains popular with many high profile Christians, and with the so-called Christian intelligentsia. Continue reading