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Truth is defined as that which conforms with fact or reality

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

What is truth? This question raised by Pilate, when Jesus Christ stood trial before him, exposed his own worldview. He lived in a world in which absolute truth did not exist. I think Pilate’s voice was dismissive and filled with disdain. I imagine he sneered in mockery, angry that Christ dared to speak with truth. Though he looked straight into the face of the incarnate Truth, he could not discern it. Pilate was like so many today, a postmodernist, but one living in premodern times. Continue reading

Virginia Charging Huge Fines For Churches, Ministries For Their Beliefs

(John Harding – My Christian Daily)  On July 1, churches, Christian schools, and other religious ministries with theologically orthodox views on marriage will no longer be welcome in Virginia.

And if you are among those operating a ministry in accordance with your religious beliefs about marriage and human sexuality, the state has declared a sort-of legal “open season” on you. The first offense comes with a fine of up to $50,000. Subsequent offenses come with fines of up to $100,000! Continue reading

Former US attorney: Flynn case was ‘manipulated’ at highest levels of Obama admin to go after Trump

(David Montanaro – Fox News)  Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s rights were violated and he should consider a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and former Obama administration officials, former U.S. attorney Brett Tolman said Friday on “Fox & Friends.”

“That’s why there is an action called a Bivens action. That is to go after a federal investigator that violates someone’s constitutional rights. It’s specific for that occasion and I hope is he looking at it strongly,” said Tolman, an attorney who served as a federal prosecutor in Utah from 2006 to 2009. Continue reading

South Dakota Tribal Leader On Mt. Rushmore: Remove It, But Don’t Blow It Up, Less Environmental Damage That Way

(Hank Berrien – Daily Wire)  On Tuesday, South Dakota GOP governor Kristi Noem reacted to speculation that anyone might try to get rid of Mt. Rushmore by tweeting succinctly, “Not on my watch.”

But on Thursday, USA Today quoted that a tribal leader of the Sioux nation saying that although Mt. Rushmore should not be blown up, it should be removed. Continue reading

If You Supported Black Lives Matter, Don’t Complain About Coronavirus Spike

“The Black Lives Matter protests shattered national unity. They took a rare moment of agreement on the George Floyd killing — which everyone condemned — and turned it into a divisive confrontation over so-called “systemic racism.”

(Joel B. Pollack – Breitbart)  The U.S. recorded its highest number of corona virus cases in a single day on Wednesday, though deaths and death rates continue to fall. The data continued an upward trend that began earlier this month, and President Donald Trump’s critics have pounced on the news as evidence that he mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

NYC sees staggering shooting numbers; top cops warn of ‘storm on the horizon’

(Fox News)  The New York Police Department has reported a staggering increase in shooting  numbers, and injuries, as officials warn there’s “a storm on the horizon” – and say changes must be made.

An estimated 72 people were wounded in 53 shootings citywide from June 15 through Sunday night, an NYPD spokesperson said Monday morning. The department saw 14 shooting victims in 12 shootings for the same time period last year, data shows. Continue reading

Beware: The Woke Mob Is Targeting You Next, Small-Town America

“Disagreeing with the Marxist goals of BLM and opposing looting and violence will get you in trouble no matter how small your town is.”

(Jeff Reynolds – PJ Media)  Woke mobs are coming for you if you are an elected official with conservative values. In cities and towns all across America, organized and well-funded protest groups have begun attacking city councilors, mayors, county commissioners, and members of school boards. It’s not just the big cities. Increasingly, small towns have faced similar harassment. The woke mob has targeted local elected officials for the sin of not being sufficiently woke. Its goal appears to be to intimidate conservatives from getting involved at any level of government. It also appears that the mob efforts are expanding faster than anyone realizes.

Here in Oregon, the small, rural, conservative-leaning towns of Estacada and Mollala have recently seen elected officials threatened with recall. In Oregon City, a medium-sized city south of Portland, a protest group has organized a recall against the mayor. The suburb of Gresham saw resignations from its mayor, city manager, and chief of police. And in Salem, the state’s capital, several school board members have been targeted for destruction.  View article →

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Appeals court orders Flynn case dismissal, after years-long legal saga

(Fox News)  A federal appeals court on Wednesday ordered a lower court to allow the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to be dismissed, as requested by the Justice Department — likely ending the years-long legal saga stemming from the Russia investigation.

The abrupt ending came in a 2-1 ruling and order from judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Continue reading

A chilling warning about where the statue-toppling leads…

“Among many Venezuelans, there were stories about flight. There was terror about crime and lawlessness and criminals being allowed to rampage to keep the population docile. There were conversations about whether it would be wise to collaborate with the CIA. There were warnings about not talking too loudly, even in English, in restaurants.” 
(Monica Showalter – American Thinker) Think it can’t happen here? 

It can happen here. Continue reading

Trump orders law enforcement to arrest memorial vandals under federal act with up to 10-year sentence

(Washington Examiner)  President Trump said he has authorized federal law enforcement to arrest those caught vandalizing memorials and charge them under the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act.

“I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent,” the president tweeted Tuesday morning. Continue reading

BLM Leader: Statues and Stained Glass of Jesus Are ‘White Supremacy,’ Must Be Torn Down

Yet King is utterly, inexcusably wrong about Jesus being a symbol of “white supremacy.” Jesus firmly condemned racism, crossing racial barriers to make the Good Samaritan the hero of one of His parables and speaking with the Samaritan woman at the well. His disciples would teach that “there is no Jew or Greek, no slave or free, no male or female, but we are all one in Christ Jesus.”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)  On Monday, Black Lives Matter leader and former Bernie Sanders surrogate Shaun King called for the demolition or removal of all statues, murals, and stained glass windows of “white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends,” i.e. the Twelve Apostles…. Continue reading

Video surfaces of Black Lives Matter founder saying, ‘We are trained Marxists’

(Disrn)  A 2015 video clip has surfaced of an interview with Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors in which she assures her interviewer that the group has an underlying ideology, saying, “We’re trained Marxists.”

Watch the video on the site

Responding to the interviewer’s concern that the BLM movement might not have enough of a “clear ideological structure,” Cullors responded by saying that she and another co-founder “in particular” are dedicated to the ideology of Communist leader Karl Marx: Continue reading

The Miserable Pseudo-Science Behind Face Masks, Social Distancing And Contact Tracing

“The American public is being spoon-fed a steady diet of pseudo-science in order to justify the wearing of face masks, social distancing and contact tracing. Yet, the actual science points in the polar opposite direction. … Furthermore, those who try to present the real science are shamed, ridiculed and bullied for having such narrow-minded views.”  

(Patrick Wood – Technocracy)  Once upon a time, there was something called science. It included the discovery of truth about nature, the elements, the universe, etc…. Continue reading

Racism in the PCA

“This article will be hard to swallow. The need of the hour is to recognize the nature of the enemy the Church faces. And the enemy which stands at the gate of the Church in America is not what many think. Up to this point, many think that the enemy we are facing is some form of white supremacy, or racial animus, or “oppression” of minorities. Brothers and sisters, I tell you, as an ordained servant of King Jesus, the enemy is not that. Rather it is the racist philosophy of Critical Theory which has burned down most, if not all, of the institutions of the West.”

(Bennnie Castle)  Recently, By Faith, the online magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America published a statement by the Coordinators and Presidents of General Assembly committees and agencies dealing with recent “Heinous Killings.” This statement is troubling for the Reformed world for several reasons, not least of which is the unholy way in which this statement handles Scripture…. Continue reading

Finally, an effective and uncontroversial COVID-19 treatment

(World Magazine)  Success With A Steroid – In March, a study in Wuhan, China, suggested that coronavirus patients might benefit from a potent steroid called methylprednisolone. But the study’s preliminary nature and its small number of participants limited its impact: At the time, the Eastern Virginia Medical School guidelines, which have helped guide COVID-19 treatment elsewhere, warned that “this topic is controversial” before summarizing the Wuhan findings and suggesting steroids may help. Continue reading

Law enforcement families face harassment, vandalism, and threats at home

Facebook photo

“I talked to a wife today from Seattle, whose husbands at Seattle PD, and she, she knows that they need to get out of there. She’s afraid for her husband’s life and her kids in the neighborhood. She said that they’re getting picked on they’re getting called names,” Chabot said. “It’s not the same like it was even just two weeks ago, three weeks ago, just because they’re a law enforcement family now. Their kids are being targeted by people in the neighborhood.”

(Kerry Pickett – Washington Examiner)  Law enforcement officers say they and their families face harassment and bullying by strangers and neighbors as a result of a nationwide crackdown on law enforcement following protests around the death of George Floyd. Continue reading

The BLM Movement: An Existential Threat to America

“Today young whites fall to their knees to repudiate their “white privilege” and beg for forgiveness that will never be forthcoming. And why not? Because, our new racial overlords lecture us, racism is not simply inherent in white America’s shameful past, it still permeates our white skin, and we can do nothing about that; it is who we are. White folks can even debase themselves by washing the feet of black men…yet the original stain of white racism can never be symbolically washed away.”

(Craig Luther – Frontpage Mag)  BLACK LIVES MATTER has taken America by storm. Simply put, it is a radical Leftist outfit that seeks to replace capitalism with socialism, abolish the police (and let criminals out of jail), and looks to socialist Venezuela as a model…. Continue reading

Guilt and Guilt Feelings

Then one of the seraphim flew to me, having in his hand a burning coal that he had taken with tongs from the altar. And he touched my mouth and said: ‘Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin atoned for’” (vv. 6–7)  – Isaiah 6:1-7

Paul’s account of the internal struggle between the flesh and spirit in Romans 7:14–25 has helped us understand that while there has been a true change wrought in us by the Holy Spirit, we will nevertheless be tempted and succumb to sin throughout our lives…. Continue reading

Beth Moore Flaunts Feminist, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Elizabeth Warren Slogan on Tee Shirt

The Tee shirt promoted by Beth Moore on Twitter was given to her by her friend Christine Caine of heretical Hillsong Church in Australia. Caine considers Joyce Meyer her chief mentor and “spiritual mother.”  Both are Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel wolves.  So with this background in mind, here’s Reformation Charlotte’s report. Watch Moore’s video. Sadly, she appears to be mentally deranged — and that’s putting it mildly.

The slogan, “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” has become synonymous with far-left ideology after it was popularized by the progressive senator, Elizabeth Warren…. Continue reading

The Rotten Fruit of Anti-American ‘Education’

“The United States is in the process of being fundamentally and radically transformed as socialism has made much progress. Our great grandparents once said “It could never happen in America.” But it did – and we’re now living with the consequences of surrendering the education of our children.”

(David Fiorazo) What did we expect? After decades of teaching kids in America to hate their country, take a good look around because we’re now seeing some rotten fruit of the education system. This generation of young adults generally has more disdain for America, but knows far less about actual U.S. history. Continue reading