Greg Johnson To The PCA: ‘Merry Christmas. Here Is A Lump Of Coal For Your Stocking’

“What some in the PCA and elsewhere do not seem to understand is that same-sex attraction is inherently corrupt and corrupting. It would not appear, from this latest essay, that Johnson appreciates this truth. He writes as if, by not … Continue reading 

Former Celibates Admit the ‘Gay Christian Celibate’ Movement Gateway to Full, Practicing Homosexuality

“For me, Side B was a necessary step to becoming Side A and coming out publicly. I’m grateful for the journey.” (Reformation Charlotte)  A prominent movement within Evangelicalism has emerged in recent years primarily through two organizations associated with “gay … Continue reading 

Pro-Gay Feminist Episcopal Priestess Preaches at Prominent PCA Church in New York

(Reformation Charlotte)  The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is the supposed “conservative” Presbyterian denomination as opposed to the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), the flaming, godless, radical leftist hell-hole of a professing Christian denomination. Like the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)–the Baptist counterpart … Continue reading 

In Non-Essentials Liberty?

“When it comes to ordained clergy in the PCA identifying themselves as gay in “orientation,” let us not pretend as though we really believe that liberty is called for. I can think of churches in the PCA that would not … Continue reading 

Standing with the Little Guys

“At a time when Biblically faithful colleges and seminaries are under incredible pressure to conform to this world just to survive, it is vital that we do not compromise the truth and morality of the Christian faith.”  (Barry York – … Continue reading 

id the Little Guy Really Win? – The 48th PCA General Assembly

There are enough loopholes in the proposed changes to continue to allow Side B Homosexuals to continue as officers in the PCA (or be admitted to the PCA).  All a man needs to do is to say that his identity … Continue reading 

A Clear Message from the 48th General Assembly of the PCA

“In the weeks and months ahead you will no doubt be hearing a lot of criticisms of Overtures 23 and 37. Indeed, the vitriol displayed on social media by the critics of the overtures has been swift and furious. It’s … Continue reading 

PCA is on track to be another denominational domino to topple

“If religious feeling makes confessional truth subservient to the changing aspect of our communities, then it should be no real surprise that what we are seeing happen in the “current” sexual revolution is redefining of what is means to be … Continue reading 

To My Fathers and Brothers: A Plea From Your Sister In the Pew

I need men who unabashedly profess the whole doctrine of God, all of Scripture, who are not ashamed of its direct language. I need pastors who exegete these difficult and sometimes uncomfortable passages, who explain the entirety of God’s Word … Continue reading 

A Peculiar Approach to Unity

“The insistence of some to force a place within the PCA for Revoice theology and Critical Race Theory is tearing apart the seams of our unity. There are already denominations which affirm Critical Race Theory and Side B homosexuality. Why … Continue reading 

Francis Chan Says Catholic Understanding of Gospel is Very Similiar, If Not the Same, as His

“Chan is currently involved in an all-out assault on the Word of God and sound doctrine. It would be nice to think the best of him by believing that he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing–but, considering his solid theological … Continue reading 

Significant Issues Portend Vigorous Debates At the 2021 PCA General Assembly: Will the PCA have ‘gay Christian’ pastors and other church officers or not?

“What is at stake? Many consider that the disposition of the judicial cases (which concern investigations and actions of Missouri Presbytery re: Johnson and Revoice doctrine) and the fate of the various related overtures will signal the PCA’s future course … Continue reading 

Gays Team Up With Beth Moore’s Daughter to Attack John MacArthur for Biblical View on Sexuality

“Earlier this year, Melissa Moore affirmed a lesbian priest in her homosexual relationship. Beth Moore, herself, has exposed herself as full-on egalitarian — that is, one who rejects the biblical model for the roles of men and women — and has launched a tirade … Continue reading 

TGC And ERLC Can Stop Scamming Us. They Are ‘Revoicing’ LGBTQ Into The Church

“My friend #SamAllberry joins me to talk about the perennial question: “Is God Anti-Gay?” Many people think he is, that the Christian God has it out for gay people. But, as someone who experiences #samesexattraction and who also loves the Christian God with … Continue reading 

PCA fails to present any serious theological discussion of sexuality in the light of biblical Creation

“The Cultural Marxists have… stolen and repurposed formerly benign words like “gay” and biblical symbols like the rainbow,…while “Conservative” leaders have failed miserably at training our people to recognize the elements and assumptions of “sexual orientation” theory and how they … Continue reading 

Leaving the PCA….the darkness of our world has taken hold of it

I could cite many other issues of concern but the crowning blow has been the issue of homosexuality in the PCA. Over the past two years, perhaps you have followed the controversy with the Revoice Conference in St. Louis and … Continue reading 

Jesus, the Prostitutes, and Transgender Outreach

“Memorial’s pastor has consistently named homosexual behavior as sin – for which he deserves credit – but he has equally insisted that a homosexual orientation neither must be nor can be repented. Therefore the Q Collective’s message of affirming the … Continue reading 

Prominent Baptist University Hosts Openly Gay LGBTQ Activist

To put this into perspective, there are essentially three levels of the “gay Christianity” movement.  Watch the video. (Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Baylor, a private Christian university located in Waco, Texas, is known as the largest Baptist university in … Continue reading 

The Gospel Is The Power Of God For Salvation Conforming the Hearts of Believers To Christ

The operative pattern for the Christian is to understand that corruption still exists but that we are now united to Christ. We have died with Christ and risen again in new life. The flesh still operates and entices us but … Continue reading