Have Christians Lost the Art of Biblical Discernment? (Reprise)

This article by CRN managing editor Marsha West was first published January 24, 2017.  What exactly is discernment? It means “to distinguish, to separate out by diligent search, to examine.” Search…examine… “Now these Jews were more noble than those in … Continue reading 

Research: Word of Faith

Word of Faith, Health & Wealth, Prosperity Gospel The world’s fastest-growing false religion tells us that  our faith is a “force,” and the words we speak have the power to create something new. The Word of Faith proponents promise we … Continue reading 

Here’s Who Will Pray at Trump’s Inauguration

According to Kate Shellnutt of Christianity Astray Today, three New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) wolves are going to play a significant role in Donald Trump’s Inauguration.  Who are the trio that masquerade as evangelicals? Pastrix Paula White, Samuel Rodriguez and Wayne T. Jackson. Shellnutt fills … Continue reading 

Biden Warns Unvaccinated: ‘You Will End Up Paying the Price’

“It could be that they’re scared of needles. Perhaps they think the side effects are worse than being reported, or that deaths from taking the vaccine aren’t being written about. Maybe they don’t want Bill Gates knowing everything about their … Continue reading 

Here We Go: Trump Declassifies ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Docs on His Way Out the Door

(Paula Bolyard – PJ Media)  On Tuesday afternoon, on his last night in office, President Trump declassified a cache of documents related to the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. “At my request, on December 30, 2020, the Department of Justice provided the … Continue reading 

Bill de Blasio’s Daughter Arrested at Violent Protest While Daughter of Dem Gov Tips Off Antifa

“As American cities continue to burn to the ground without much being done to stop it, Democrats are blaming “white supremacists” and “outsiders” for the violence while their own children are involved in it.” (Megan Fox – PJ Media)  Mayor … Continue reading