Spiritual Disciplines and the Appearance of Wisdom

From Berean Research: Spiritual Formation ….Contemplative/Centering/ Apopathic/Breath Prayer….”Christian Yoga“….Enneagram (you’ll learn about this below) are terms Bible believing evangelicals must become familiar with. All of these practices have been introduced into mainstream evangelicalism. Where do they come from? You don’t … Continue reading 

Namaste, Satan

Na-ma-stay is the pronunciation. It’s a Hindu salutation that is said at the beginning and end of most yoga classes. Participants place their palms together before the heart, bow their heads, and utter “Namaste,” which means “The divine in me … Continue reading 

We’re All Hindus Now

Christian talk show host Janet Mefferd recently had Dr. Peter Jones of the Truth Xchange on her show to discuss the growing influence of Hinduism in America, even among professing Christians. This is a very important topic, because many Christians today seem … Continue reading 

Christians Mystically Encountering God

Marsha West tackles Christian mysticism and makes the case that Bible-believing Christians must not involve themselves in Contemplative Prayer and so-called Christian yoga, as both of these practices are not only unbiblical but they can be spiritually harmful. She begins: … Continue reading