Christian Media Runs Cover For Andy Stanley

“None of this compromise is new. And while its great that Stanley’s longstanding compromise is getting the coverage it needs, aside from online discernment ministries, it’s not getting the coverage it deserves. Andy Stanley is a false teacher, and Christian … Continue reading 

Exclusive! Andy Stanley’s Children’s Ministry Led by Pro-LBGTQ+ Activists

(Protestia) Not only did Andy Stanley participate in a private, shocking Q&A where he offered some heretical hot takes on homosexuality, but for years one of his children’s ministries has been promoting and partnering with pro-LBGTQ+ organizations. Debbie Causey is … Continue reading 

Two Pastors Drop Major Bombshell Allegations Against Andy Stanley After Attending Private Q&A

“Earlier today, Andy Stanely and his PR team deleted the sermon from their website, after getting heat for saying gays have more faith than straight Christians and for criticizing so-called “clobber” verses.” (Protestia) Therefore whatever you have said in the … Continue reading 

Andy Stanley Denies Hebrews 4:12, “Don’t Say ‘The Bible Says’”

(Protestia) North Point Community Church ‘impastor’ Andy Stanley continued his wretched job of unhitching the church from all the scriptures by claiming that appealing to pagans who want to “restart their faith” with the authority of scripture is not a … Continue reading 

Andy Stanley Says There’s No ‘Clear Divine Standard’ of God Revealed to Mankind

“The fact that Jesus didn’t believe that good people go to heaven, that doesn’t necessarily make it true. That’s just what He taught. And that’s what he said, and clearly, it’s what he believed.” (Protestia) North Point Community Church ‘impastor’ … Continue reading 

Once Again, I Ask Andy Stanley to Resign

“It is one thing for an ignorant Christian who is not in a position of teaching authority to hold these views. It is an entirely different one for a pastor to hold these views. Pastors are entrusted with the oracles … Continue reading 

Andy Stanley’s New Tirade Against the Church Proves He’s a Demonic Three-Fold Son of Hell

“We can only hope by then that while Northpoint remains closed, most of the congregants come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and leave to find biblical churches led by pastors who don’t have their smarminess dialed to 10 … Continue reading 

Andy Stanley: even if you don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, you will have a better life by following his teachings

There are concerns about the path popular seeker-friendly pastor Andy Stanley is taking. Stand Up For The Truth writes: When we compare some of Andy Stanley’s teachings lately to Scripture, we’re seeing some discrepancies. We encourage you to do the … Continue reading 

Saddleback Church Has Pro-LGBTQ Ministry Encouraging Parents to Affirm Their LGBTQ Children

“So who is Cortland Russell, you ask? Russell is an openly gay, practicing homosexual who was baptized at one of Andy Stanley’s Northpoint Church campuses a few years ago and proudly proclaimed being a homosexual “Christian” in his baptism video…” … Continue reading