Exposing The Gospel Coalition’s Liberal Bible Commentary On Creation

Usually theological liberals try to argue that there are two creation accounts, that days should be translated as eras, or some sort of God-guided Darwinian evolution. The Gospel Coalition instead argues that the entire seven-day framework is an analogy. They are … Continue reading 

Shocking Brand New Research – Testosterone in Total Freefall, May Account for Explosion in Transgenderism

“Assuming that the Public Health™ authorities at the NIH or the FDA or the CDC actually concern themselves with health, the natural question arises: why are they seemingly doing nothing about this rapidly worsening problem?  Why the radio silence?” (Ben … Continue reading 

Sexual Anarchy: The GOP Fiddles While Kids’ Souls Burn

“Consider: Why do groups deviating greatly from “traditional” morality — the “LGBTQ” crew, drug users, etc. — generally embrace “leftism”? Why does it appear, in fact, that there is here a direct relationship: The greater the degree of moral degradation, … Continue reading 

California Leads Nation in Systemic Sexualization of Children

“It seems cynical, but given the amount of time and funding devoted to selling this to America, one cannot help but conclude that there are big donors in the “LGBTQ” community fond of the idea of males (dressed as females … Continue reading 

ANTIFA Radicals Support LGBT Exploitation of Kids in Child Drag Show

“The extreme left works in tandem to mainstream pedophilia while committing acts of domestic terrorism on the streets. Western Civilization will not survive unless this agenda is soundly defeated. Church Militant published a report on how ANTIFA’s domestic terror agenda … Continue reading