John Piper Using Marxist Feminist Arguments to Claim that David Raped Bathsheba

“The thing is, there is nothing in the text to suggest that Bathsheba was not complicit in the adultery. Nothing. In fact, there is as much textual evidence that Bathsheba was seducing David as there is that David “exerted power” … Continue reading 

John Piper lies, peddles Big Pharma narrative

“John Piper invokes the same peer pressure that he claims he’s writing against as well as uses fear to motivate the individual.” (Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) As usual, John Piper is showing up late on an issue, writing … Continue reading 

John Piper Gives Glowing Endorsement to IHOPKC Heretic, Mike Bickle, Says Francis Chan

The lack of discernment among mainstream Evangelical leaders is beyond astonishing. The Scriptures are clear–even Satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:!4). We don’t judge false teachers based on how nice they are–we judge them … Continue reading 

Christian Joy Best for Charismatics and Not Cessationists, Says John Piper

(Pulpit & Pen News) Although once a popular figure among all stripes of Calvinist believers, John Piper’s increasing social justice activism and increasing charismaticism have largely reduced his popularity to that of The New Calvinists and, oddly enough, evangelicalism at large. Those … Continue reading 

John Piper Ignites Debate for Saying Only Men Should Teach at Seminaries

(Michael Gryboski – Christian Post) Bethlehem College & Seminary Chancellor and founder John Piper has ignited another debate on women’s leadership roles in the Church after he said he doesn’t believe women should teach courses at seminaries. In an installment of the … Continue reading 

John Piper Approves Of The Alpha Course?

Apprising Ministries continues covering evangelical curiosities as spiritual darkness is falling across the landscape of Christendom. You’ll see from an upcoming conference to be put on by Piper’s Desiring God outfit that we have a good reason to wonder about … Continue reading