Report: Former Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Leaders are ‘Disqualified’ For Unrepentant Abuse and Deceit

“Our determination is that Michael Ramsden, Sarah (Davis) Phillips, and Abdu Murray have not displayed a godly sorrow nor demonstrated the fruit consistent with repentance for their actions. They have acknowledged that “mistakes were made” but have not specifically owned … Continue reading 

Judge Rules Donors to RZIM Can Sue Over Ravi Zacharia’s Sexual Misconduct

“The donors zero in on the discretionary RZIM fund ‘Touch of Hope’ which was used as the primary source for Zacharias to funnel his illicit expenditures.” (Protestia) RZIM is about to experience a world of hurt after a federal judge … Continue reading 

New 80-Page Report! Ravi Zacharias and RZIM Spent $1,000,000 Suing Abuse Victim

“They also recount that there were allegations in 2008-2011 about Ravi being seen holding hands of a woman who was not his wife, as well as a suggestion that he acted inappropriately with a massage therapist. The report further reveals … Continue reading 

Family of Ravi Zacharias Uses Old Image of Disgraced Apologist to Promote New Humanitarian Org

Some people question the appropriateness of the post, especially because Zacharias allegedly demanded sexual favors of spa workers. “He put the women he abused into slavery to his sinful actions. Feeling the hypocrisy.” (Stephanie Martin – ChurchLeaders) In February 2020, … Continue reading 

Ravi Zacharias’ Daughter, RZIM CEO, Admits she Made Serious Errors as she ‘Fully Trusted’ her Father

(Chantalle Edmonds – Premier Christian News) Sarah Davis, CEO of RZIM, the apologetics ministry founded by Ravi Zacharias, has apologized for not initially believing the sexual abuse victims of her late father saying she made “serious errors that only furthered … Continue reading 

After Ravi Zacharias report, Christians examine how to avoid ‘betrayal blindness’

“Christian organizations develop blind spots in part because their board directors are drafted for their financial support for the organization’s mission and because they believe in the organization’s leaders and are often their friends.” Stephen Baughman thought he was done … Continue reading 

How could Ravi use ‘winning souls’ as an excuse to degrade the soul in front of him?

“The problem is when those preachers and teachers become “freelance apostles”, divorced from the accountability of the church eldership and congregation. Rather than be one spiritual gift – teaching – alongside other gifts, all holding the Teacher accountable, we have … Continue reading 

Stop Defending the Indefensible: A Plea Concerning Ravi Zacharias

“The broader evangelical world defends those who are not fit for ministry knowingly, excusing away the fact that they can’t meet the basic requirements of the pastorate. Time and again, they defend such men rather than stand with the Scripture’s … Continue reading 

The Report is Out! Ravi Zacharias Was Sexting Up Until His Death Plus Decades of Sexual Abuse

“It’s completely abhorrent. With the news that Ravi was still soliciting pictures at least three months before his death at the age of 74, we ought to treat this serial predator as a false teacher who came to devour. In … Continue reading 

Victim of alleged sexual misconduct asks to be released from NDA with Ravi Zacharias

(Brandon Showalter – Christian Post)  The woman with whom the late Ravi Zacharias allegedly had an illicit online relationship is asking to be released from a non-disclosure agreement following his ministry’s admission that he had indeed engaged in sexual misconduct involving various … Continue reading 

Pastor John MacArthur Calls Out Ravi Zacharias and Carl Lentz as ‘Phoneys’

“We’re seeing one after another after another after another dead ones and alive ones, this dead apologist had a deviant sex life. This cool dude, rock and roll pastor, was immoral with multiple women for years and years.” (Protestia)  Pastor … Continue reading 

Co-owner of Spas With Ravi Zacharias Speaks of ‘Happy Endings’ and Requests to Delete Information

Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions about sexual activity. (Julie Roys)  In recordings released exclusively to The Roys Report, a man who co-owned two spas with the late apologist Ravi Zacharias said Zacharias had a “pattern” of exposing himself to therapists … Continue reading 

Longtime RZIM Staffer Describes how Senior Leadership Obfuscated Ravi Sex Scandals for Years

Weitnauer states that he became convinced in Sept 2020 that “Ravi had personally and repeatedly lied to me and others in the ministry about his relationship with her” and confesses that like others, his “longing for the approval” kept him … Continue reading 

Ravi Zacharias Ministries Branch in UK Calls on U.S. Board to ‘Reform Radically’ for Betraying and Misleading the Public

The U.K. Board also acknowledged that the situation has been difficult for staff and “some are concerned that their credibility is being affected and their own reputations are being damaged by events that are outside their control.” (Julie Roys – … Continue reading 

Interim Report Finds Ravi Zacharias ‘Engaged in Sexual Misconduct Over Many Years’

“RZIM leader Carson Weitnauer published a scathing letter, accusing RZIM’s “secretive board and senior leaders” of misleading the staff and public.”  (Julie Roys – The Roys Report)  The firm hired by RZIM to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct by Ravi … Continue reading 

Ravi Zacharias Ministries (RZIM) Leader & Speakers Denounce Handling of Scandals; Two Call for New Board

Gilman also tweeted support for Lori Anne Thompson, a Canadian woman who alleged Zacharias groomed her and then exploited her by requesting nude photos and phone sex. Gilman called Thompson “courageous” and “credible” and said she “deserves to be thanked for . … Continue reading 

Australian Author & Speaker John Dickson Severs Ties with Ravi Zacharias Ministries; Says Ministry is in ‘Grave Peril’

“As I understand it, the investigation has been given a limited scope. They are not investigating the 2017 sexting case. How is that possible? Why would such a potentially relevant body of evidence be deliberately excluded? I don’t understand it.”  … Continue reading 

Investigation Into Ravi Zacharias’ Alleged Misconduct Excludes Sexting Scandal

“Following my three-part series on the sexting scandal, and reports by Christianity Today and WORLD, the C&MA announced that it has commissioned a new investigation into Zacharias’ alleged misconduct.” (Julie Roys – Roys Report)  The independent investigation commissioned by Ravi … Continue reading 

New Ravi Zacharias Allegations Highlight Secrecy, Cover-Up & Questionable Practices at RZIM

“RZIM…engaged in questionable governance and financial practices for years, enriching Zacharias and his family, and giving them undue control over the ministry. But while Zacharias was being upheld as the gold standard, no one was willing to look at these … Continue reading 

Christianity Today Reports On Claims Of Ravi Zacharias’s Sexual Misconduct At Spas

Graphic Content “CT has verified the identities and job histories of the three women. They shared their stories under the condition that they not be named, fearing the stigma of coming forward as victims and possible retribution for harming the … Continue reading