Infamous Faux Faith-Healer, Todd Bentley Discredits the Asbury Revival

“Bentley once claimed he healed seven deaf people in one night and also claims to raise people from the dead. On one occasion, after claiming to raise someone from the dead in a hospital, Chris Rosebrough called the hospital only to say … Continue reading 

After 15 Years, Todd Bentley is Returning To Lakeland, FL, to Recapture the Fire of Infamous ‘Revival’

(Protestia) Charismatic prophet Todd Bentley, the only huckster in the whole of Christianity that Dr Michael Brown has ever bothered to condemn (and that only slightly), is up to no good again—the result of a string of angelic encounters and … Continue reading 

Todd Bentley Is Back! Reveals New 25-Year Ministry Mandate After Being Visited By Angels

Todd Bentley is a liar and a con-man. He is no more a Christian than Joe Biden is a Roman Catholic. He does not hear from angels — probably demons, though. Does he have a direct pipeline to God as … Continue reading 

Todd Bentley Is Gearing Up To Re-enter The Ministry

“He’s had his revelation and he’s raring to go as soon as he lines up all his ministry partners, of which there are still many.”  (PNP) The only monstrously disqualified heretic that Dr. Michael Brown has ever called out, Todd … Continue reading 

Why Aren’t ‘Faith Healers’ Like Francis Chan, Todd White, and Todd Bentley in China Fighting the Coronavirus?

“The reason Chan, White, and Bentley — and anyone else who claims to be able to heal people — won’t go to China to heal people of the COVID-19 coronavirus is simple: they can’t. They have no power to heal … Continue reading 

Todd Bentley Panel Releases Official Statement Today Declaring Him ‘Supernaturally Gifted by God’

“Today, Brown released an official statement from the panel disqualifying Bentley — thankfully so. However, this should have been done years, decades ago. It should not have taken this long to realize that Todd Bentley is not a minister of … Continue reading 

New Apostolic Reformation Chooses Michael Brown to Lead Todd Bentley Investigation

“Bentley has repeatedly referred to NAR Apostle, Rick Joyner, in self defense, claiming that Joyner was aware of his past misdeeds and was working on restoring him to ministry. Joyner confirmed this in a video, in which he attacked Bentley’s … Continue reading 

Todd Bentley sexual misconduct allegations widen to Pakistan

“I was shown all the evidence, including recorded testimony. I also saw the letters that Stephen wrote to Rick Joyner. There is no threat, just disappointment that a leader in the body doesn’t seem to take these allegations seriously. Unlike … Continue reading 

Todd Bentley Confirms Disqualifying Accusations in Public Confession

“Bentley claims to have been working through these sins with appropriate restoration and repeatedly invoked the name of Rick Joyner as someone who has “been calling around to leaders” for him, which sounded like Joyner was basically doing Bentley’s crisis … Continue reading 

Todd Bentley Accused By Colleague of Homosexual Acts and Teenage Sexual Abuse

“…a male intern that witnessed such things, took it to Rick Joyner, and ultimately nothing was done and Todd was still allowed to go on in ministry as if everything was okay….Rick Joyner refused to help this young man with … Continue reading 

Todd Bentley: Truly Misleading

Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times in which we live where tolerance rules the day. Apprising Ministries shows you via Bud Press of Christian Research Service that Todd Bentley is back and he’s headed to infect the UK.

An Update On Dr. Brown’s Investigation into the Bentley Scandal (And It’s Bananas)

Back in 2008 I wrote several articles on Todd Bentley’s shenanigans during the Lakeland Outpouring. People from all over the world showed up at the event in Florida, there to witness “a move of the Holy Spirit.” But as it … Continue reading 

Charismatic Pastor Says He Commanded a Tree to Be Healed, and It Was So

“Name it and claim it” heresy, insist[s] that believers can manipulate reality simply through faith-filled declarations. (The Dissenter) A popular heresy among charismatic false teachers is little-god theology, or the belief that we as humans carry within us the potential … Continue reading 

How Charlatans are Using Super Bowl to Advance False Prophecies About ‘Revival’

It is clear that Shawn Bolz, Bob Jones, Todd Bentley, and all of those associated with this hyper-charismatic New Apostolic Reformation modern-day prophetic movement are all false prophets and false teachers. Jesus says in Matthew 24:24 that “For false christs … Continue reading