Justin Peters on Shawn Bolz and Disney: Why Are Charismatics So Weird

(The Dissenter) Shawn Bolz is the founder and former senior pastor of Expression58 Church and is now the CEO of Bolz Ministries. Bolz is closely tied to Bethel Church in Redding California, a hyper-charismatic, New Apostolic Reformation church which is known for … Continue reading 

‘Wokest Place on Earth’ Disneyland Cuts Walt Disney’s Speech From Its Anniversary Celebration

“Walt Disney was a proud American and something of a conservative who would have hated what his company has become. He testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947, where he warned of communists taking control of Hollywood.” (Mitch … Continue reading 

The Sad Descent of Disney

“It’s satisfying to see that Disney’s creepy propagandizing is causing it financial pain at the box office, here and overseas.” (Michael Reagan – Patriot Post) I cry to see what’s happened to Disney. When I was growing up — and … Continue reading 

Pixar/Disney’s new Toy Story spinoff just bombed on opening weekend and I wonder why

(Holly Ash – Not the Bee) To irrelevance and beyond! The latest “Toy Story” spinoff, “Lightyear,” struggled at the box office this weekend, following criticism over a gay kiss included in the kids movie. The flick brought in a total of $51 … Continue reading 

Disney’s ‘Toy Story’ spinoff banned in 14 countries over same-sex kiss

(Madeline Hubbard – Just the News) Disney will be unable to show “Lightyear,” the latest Pixar movie in the “Toy Story” franchise, in at least 14 Middle Eastern and Asian countries due to homosexual content in the film, Reuters reported. The Disney … Continue reading 

Disney Releases LGBTQ Pride-Themed Toys Marketed to Children

(Spencer Lindquist – Breitbart) Amid pushback from parents and Republican leaders, Disney has launched a “Pride Collection” initiative, which includes an LGBTQ pride-themed line of plush toys marketed to young children. Among the plush toys from Disney, which were made … Continue reading 

It’s Finally Time for GOP Lawmakers to Expose the Dark Side of the Disney Regime Once and For All

“Year after year, Disney employees are arrested in sex sting operations set up by local authorities and for possessing child pornography. And it’s not just random maintenance workers with no interaction with kids who are being arrested. Many of these … Continue reading 

Confessions of a Disney writer

“Parents are now furious about Disney’s woke agenda to sexualize children, and they’re organizing and protesting. Will their consumer boycotts of Disney’s products and theme parks have a long-term impact on Disney’s bottom line? It’s too soon to tell, but … Continue reading 

Disney Releases ‘Gayest Kids Movie Yet,’ Produced Long Before Florida Grooming Controversy

“The film’s release, just as Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law, has forced Disney to pick a side between parents who want conversations about sex to stay age-appropriate and queer activist teachers who want children thinking about … Continue reading 

Americans Sour on Disney’s LGBTQ Agenda

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media) Disney’s boasting about indoctrinating kids with LGBTQ propaganda isn’t sitting well with the American public, according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday. According to the poll, only 28% of American adults believe the … Continue reading 

Disney’s Core Audience Isn’t Families, It’s Socially Awkward Adult Fandoms

“Kids can go away. Disney’s audience is socially awkward adults who actually hate kids. And yes, they’re exactly the sorts of folks who think schools sexually grooming young children is the best thing ever.”   (Daniel Greenfield – Frontpage Magazine) Marvel’s … Continue reading 

Ok, Groomers. Leaked Internal Zoom Confirms Disney Drank the Gender Cult Kool-Aid

(Megan Fox – PJ Media) There has been a massive overreaction by members of the LGBTQWTF Gendergeddon cult and their woke corporate partners over the new Florida law that prohibits creepy adults from talking to little kids about sex. Instead of realizing … Continue reading 

Shut Up, Mickey: Disney Vows to Fight DeSantis in Court While a Fourth-Grade Teacher Is Arrested for Attempted Child Rape

(Lincoln Brown – PJ Media) We interrupt the wall-to-wall national coverage of the outbreak of violence at this week’s Annual Narcissists’ Convention to bring you other entertainment news. According to The Mix, the Walt Disney Company announced this week that … Continue reading 

Disney Cast Members Who Don’t Buy Into the LGBTQ Agenda Make Their Voices Heard

(Chris Queen – PJ Media) My family members have been major Disney fans for as long as we can remember. My parents honeymooned at Walt Disney World, and we go there at least once almost every year. I told somebody … Continue reading 

Disney employees are planning a major walkout because Florida won’t let teachers talk to 5-year-olds about transgenderism and homosexuality

So… I just want to be clear: If teachers aren’t allowed to discuss same-sex attraction or male hormonal castration with children still too young to read… this constitutes a “threat to LGBTQIA+ safety”? (Daniel Payne – Not the Bee) Near … Continue reading 

Disney CEO Wants K-3 Transgenderism in FL Schools

“You have companies like Disney, that are going to say and criticize parents’ rights, they’re going to criticize the fact that we don’t want transgenderism in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms.”  (Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) The new Florida Parental Rights … Continue reading 

Disney Unveils ‘Rainbow Collection’ for Kids to Celebrate Gay Pride

According to Dinesh D’Souza, “Disney has become woke, boring and evil. Here’s how we fight back against some of the nastiest people on earth.”  We posted D’Souza’s video below. But before you watch it, you’ll want to take a look … Continue reading 

Disney Preps ‘National Treasure’ Series with Latina ‘DREAMer’ Who Will ‘Explore Identity’

(Warner Todd Huston – Breitbart)  Disney has given the green light to reboot the National Treasure movie franchise into a TV series that will star a Hispanic female DREAMer, who will explore “historical authorship and identity.” National Treasure, starring Nicholas Cage, … Continue reading 

China declares homosexuality a mental illness? Where’s LeBron? Where’s Disney?

“The bottom line here is that crude declarations of mental illness for what homosexuals themselves believe is an innate, immutable state are not the global standard, not the United Nations conventional wisdom, and China once again proves it doesn’t care … Continue reading 

Witch, Demon-Themed Animation ‘The Owl House’ Features First Bisexual Character on Disney Channel

“Back when I made ‘Gravity Falls’ Disney FORBADE me from any explicit LGBTQ+ rep. Apparently ‘happiest place on earth’ meant ‘straightest’ But as of today, thanks to @DanaTerrace & team there are explicitly queer ANIMATED MAIN CHARACTERS on DISNEY TV. … Continue reading 

Disney Celebrates Pride Month, Donates $100K to ‘Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network’

The powers that be at Disney are far Left zealots who are fiercely anti-Christian. Over the years the company has been pushing New Age themes and their progressive political views on impressionable children. Disney television and film productions encourage sorcery, … Continue reading