Meet Rick Warren’s Replacement—He Sounds Like JD Greear and Ed Litton on Homosexuality

“Rick Warren is a complete and total apostate false teacher with absolutely no qualifications to teach or preach the Scriptures.” (The Dissenter) In 2019 and in 2020, both former Southern Baptist Convention presidents, Ed Litton and JD Greear made headlines … Continue reading 

Amid Growing Frustration Among Laypeople, SBC Leadership Finally Call on Ed Litton to Resign

(Reformation Charlotte)  While it has been like pulling teeth trying to get Southern Baptist leaders to break the 11th Commandment–thou shalt not speak out against other SBC leaders–some leaders are sensing the growing frustration among laypeople who are quickly tiring … Continue reading 

Mohler Breaks Silence on Ed Litton Plagiarism Scandal

(Protestia)  Dr. Albert Mohler has broken the silence on the Ed Litton plagiarism scandal, addressing it by way of a student’s question at SBTS’s President’s Forum earlier this morning, who asked him how students, pastors, and churches should think about … Continue reading 

Ed Litton Is Disqualified From The Pastorate, But Is He Even A Christian?

“By mid-day on that day, Reformation Charlotte’s story hit the national radio airwaves as Todd Starnes and Robert Jeffress offered commentary and denounced Litton’s and Greear’s statements. By the end of the day, the news had lit social media on fire … Continue reading 

‘Gay Married’ Speaker Strikes Back at Al Mohler for Criticizing Andy Stanley’s Queer Conference

(The Dissenter) Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and arguably one of the most influential theologians in the Southern Baptist Convention has been repeatedly criticized for his failure to lead in a timely manner by conservative Christians. As … Continue reading 

Southern Baptist plagiarism questions resurface after Harvard president resignation

(Ben Zeisloft – The Sentinel) Former Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton retains his role as a trustee at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary despite documented instances of plagiarism in his sermons, a reality which resurfaces in the wake of Harvard University … Continue reading 

Like Her Father, Tony Evans, Priscilla Shirer Preaches Trinitarian Heresy from the Pulpit

“If you can’t get the Trinity right, you have no business in a pulpit. Mangling this essential doctrine isn’t just a minor error—it’s a failure to accurately represent the God of the Bible.”  (The Dissenter) Tony Evans, a prominent Evangelical … Continue reading 

Tom Ascol urges conservatives to think carefully about future in SBC

“We debated 45 minutes yesterday what a pastor is,” Ascol said. “We can’t really define what a pastor is. That is crazy talk for people who say they believe the Bible.” (Capstone Report) Conservative Southern Baptist leader Tom Ascol told … Continue reading 

Southern Baptist Sex Abuse Investigation Firm Comes Out in Full Support of Homosexuality and Sexual Immorality

(The Dissenter) The Southern Baptist Convention has been embroiled in scandal after scandal over the past year since Ed Litton, the current Southern Baptist Convention president took office at the convention last year. Embroiled in his own plagiarism scandal, Litton … Continue reading 

CRN Headline News 9/27-10/2

Need to read articles you may have missed this week… MONDAY 9/27 It Gets Worse: Look Who Worked Together to Frame Donald Trump With Fake Russia Hoax Times Reveals FBI Role in January 6 Amid Growing Frustration Among Laypeople, SBC … Continue reading 

CRN Headline News – 8/30-9/4

Need to read articles you may have missed this week… MONDAY 8/30 Rick Warren Suggests Pastors Who Open Their Churches are Egotistical, Wearing Masks is ‘Loving Your Neighbor’ Large CDC Study Doesn’t Support Mask Mandates in Schools A Deserved ‘Moment … Continue reading 

CRN Headline News July 19-24

Need to read articles you may have missed this week… MONDAY 7/19 Megyn Kelly ROASTS Nikole Hannah-Jones for ‘1619 Project’ Lies In Non-Essentials Liberty? Lifeway DOESN’T Carry Voddie Baucham’s #1 Best-Selling ‘Fault Lines,’ but Has Entire Landing Page for Christine … Continue reading 

CRN Headline News July 5-10

Need to read articles you may have missed this week… MONDAY 7/5 – JD Greear Admits to Purchasing Sermon Material to Make Himself ‘Look Good’ Dr. Gandhi: ‘Delta Strain’ Is Not More Virulent Or Deadly Independence Day: Marvel Comics Makes … Continue reading 

JD Greear Admits to Purchasing Sermon Material to Make Himself ‘Look Good’

“[The] pastors who use this service don’t actually spend time exegeting the text and letting the text shape their own theology–rather, they have presuppositions to the text, and this research group will prepare sermons for them based on their own … Continue reading 

Why the Coming Split in the Southern Baptist Convention Is Inevitable

“Here’s the bottom line that the SBC’s “woke” leaders better wake up to (no pun intended): Most of the 14 million Southern Baptists in the denomination’s churches will not sit and be propagandized with CRT or any other false gospel … Continue reading 

Like Greear, New SBC President Says the Bible ‘Whispers’ About Homosexuality

(Reformation Charlotte)  There must be a conspiracy in the Southern Baptist Convention to elect presidents who hate the Word of God and deny its power. Following in the footsteps of former Southern Baptist president, JD Greear, the newly elected president, … Continue reading