Halloween Hell? Greg Locke Hosting Mass Exorcism for Children

(Protestia) Greg Locke is hosting his annual Halloween Burn, inviting folks to come far and wide to burn anything related to the occult in massive bonfire set up on church property. Unlike last year, however, this Burn will include a … Continue reading 

Disgraced Pastor Greg Locke’s New Film Gets a Poster and Release Date+ Will be in ‘Thousands’ of Theaters

“This fiery film documents the beginnings of their journey. “Come Out In Jesus Name” will be followed by a live simulcast event where Pastor Locke and his fellow demon slayers will lead a supernatural mass deliverance… in Jesus name.” (Protestia) … Continue reading 

Greg Locke Accuses John MacArthur and Justin Peters of Lying About the Spiritual Gifts Because it ‘Feeds Your Ego’

(The Dissenter) Cessationism is the doctrine that the Apostolic sign gifts such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, and the gift of healing (not to be confused with God actually healing people), are not practiced today but, instead, were gifts given to … Continue reading 

Female Swimmers Complain Trans Teammate Lia Thomas Exposes Male Body Parts in Locker Room

The school’s response? They’re offering mental health services to the athletes. In other words, if a man walking around your locker room exposing himself upsets you, obviously there’s something wrong with you and you need a mental health check. (Rick … Continue reading 

‘Pastors4Trump’ Speaker Emphatically Declares ‘God is Not in Control’ At ReAwaken American Event

(Protestia) At a recent ReAwaken American event in Las Vegas this past week, Rev. Marty Grisham, demonstrating his lack of theological knowledge and understanding of God’s sovereignty, repeatedly declares that “God is not in control” of the nation in light … Continue reading 

Three Oneness Pentecostals, an Adulterer, a Whoremonger, a Pillow Tycoon, and Trump’s Lawyer Headline a Conference Together…

“We would encourage people to tag @JennaEllisEsq on Twitter and share this post, warning her of the mess of theological trash and unrepentant personalities she’s about to walk into.” (Protestia)  Christendom is gearing up for one of the wildest conferences … Continue reading 

The Christian Prophets Who Say Trump Is Coming Again

“Not all prophets have doubled down on their Trump prophecies since the election, however. And as some have backed away from Trump, a schism has emerged. At least six recognized prophets who initially predicted a Trump reelection have acknowledged those prophecies … Continue reading 

False Prophets Prophesying Falsely

“Claiming to be speaking for God Himself, these prophecies were made by Pat Robertson, Paula White-Cain, Kris Vallotton, Mark Taylor, Kat Kerr, Marcus Rogers, Kevin Zadai, Greg Locke, Taribo West, Denise Goulet, Curt Landry, and others. Jeremiah Johnson went so … Continue reading 

Disgraced ‘Christian Comedian’ John Crist Returns to Social Media – Is He Back?

“A quick perusal of the nearly 5000 comments shows an overwhelming excitement and eagerness for Crist’s imminent return, with fans putting their support behind him. We even saw a few recognizable faces, including Jessa Bentley, wife, alleged co-indulger, and enabler … Continue reading 

CRT, Genocide, and the Importance of Christian Universities

“CRT poisons all that it touches. Because at its core CRT is ahistorical, it gets history almost exactly wrong. This is clearly seen in how they categorize Jews as oppressors, and thus not subject to the protection of campus mobs … Continue reading 

Self-absorbed ‘Christians’ And Their Perceptions Of The Bible

By Marsha West Because I’ve been involved in online discernment for 17 years, people ask me questions about the latest fads sweeping through the visible Church; likewise, my view on different movements or of someone’s teaching they find concerning. I’m … Continue reading 

Enchanted and Ensnared by Music

“Be discerning with your music. Every song you sing, every hymn you utter on the Lord’s Day, every single lyric that you use at any time – either in congregational worship or in personal worship – test it all against … Continue reading 

Educators face termination for proposing male-only, female-only bathrooms in schools

(Greg Piper – Just The News) Oregon educators are fighting for their jobs after starting a campaign to keep biological males and females in their own school restrooms and locker rooms and make it optional for school employees to use … Continue reading