Mark Driscoll Releases E-book on Sex that Describes in Graphic Detail Various Sex Acts

This is for real. The man has no shame. No sense of decency. Rom 16:17-18 certainly applies to “pastor” Driscoll. (The Dissenter) Mark Driscoll was once a prominent figure in the religious community, known for his edgy, aggressive sermons and … Continue reading 

Mark Driscoll Claims Mars Hills Elders Tried to Oust Him From Church Using False Allegations of Adultery

(Protestia) During his recent Sunday sermon, ‘pastor’ Mark Driscoll released a bombshell, claiming that the reason he resigned from the pastorate at Mars Hill after previously saying he wasn’t going anywhere and would submit to a period of church discipline, … Continue reading 

Nearly 40 Former Mars Hill Elders Issue New Statement: Mark Driscoll is ‘Unfit’ and ‘Unrepentant’

(Protestia) Nearly 40 elders who once worked at Mars Hill Church and served alongside Mark Driscoll during the most tumultuous years of his career have released a public statement outlining their dismay that their former leader has continued his abusive … Continue reading 

Wayne Grudem, Mark Driscoll, Michael Brown Sign Joint Statement Affirming False Prophets

“After rejecting the idea that modern-day prophecy is on the “same level” as biblical prophecy–as though God’s revelation is somehow less authoritative today than it was in biblical times–the statement goes on to contradict God’s standard for prophets. One of … Continue reading