Francis Collins Says God Would Be ‘OK’ With Aborted Fetal Tissue Research

(Reformation Charlotte)  Reformation Charlotte has reported several times on the unholy alliance between the disgraced former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Russell Moore, and the disgraced former head of the National Institutes of Health … Continue reading 

Revoice Founder Defends Transgender Shooter: ‘Devastating Form of Parental Rejection’

Now, Collins…is arguing that the parents of this transgender person who committed this atrocity are equally culpable because they caused her to suffer a “devastating form of parental rejection.” (The Dissenter) Everyone knows that the shooting that took place in … Continue reading 

Responding to the Leaven of Revoice

“Why should Christians be concerned that the Nashville Statement is under attack by a major Revoice leader? You may think Revoice is a distant concern or that the Nashville Statement is not the best or most robust response to the … Continue reading 

Revoice Leader and SBC Seminary Grad Calls on Christians to Repent for Signing Statement on Biblical Sexual Ethics

Professing Christian Nate Collins is an interesting fellow. He once described himself as a “gay man in a mixed-orientation marriage” and bragged that he enjoys “gay art.” Collins did his dissertation on “Gender Identities” at conservative Southern Baptist Theological Seminary … Continue reading 

ERLC Finally Owns Revoice, Promoting Founder in ‘Parent’s Guide to Gender’

“He [Nate Collins] who describes himself as a “gay man in a mixed-orientation marriage,” did his dissertation at Al Mohler’s SBTS, arguing that “virgin” is a third gender in the scriptures, enjoys gay art, and made grotesquely unbiblical statements in Christianity Today [a site … Continue reading 

Gays Team Up With Beth Moore’s Daughter to Attack John MacArthur for Biblical View on Sexuality

“Earlier this year, Melissa Moore affirmed a lesbian priest in her homosexual relationship. Beth Moore, herself, has exposed herself as full-on egalitarian — that is, one who rejects the biblical model for the roles of men and women — and has launched a tirade … Continue reading 

The Gospel Is The Power Of God For Salvation Conforming the Hearts of Believers To Christ

The operative pattern for the Christian is to understand that corruption still exists but that we are now united to Christ. We have died with Christ and risen again in new life. The flesh still operates and entices us but … Continue reading 

Presbyterian Church in America Central Carolina Presbytery Denounces Revoice Conference

“It’s great that the presbytery has taken a stand against this homosexual invasion, however, another group that’s not far behind in the same agenda is the ministry, Living Out. Living Out, led by Sam Allberry is an author at The … Continue reading 

Phil Vischer Goes Full Liberal: Clowns Al Mohler on David French’s Support of Homosexuality

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) It’s no secret that Phil Vischer has gone off the deep end on theological liberalism. This has been covered extensively in the past with his singing with Francis Collins and his tacit support of abortion  and  … Continue reading