Investigation Into Ravi Zacharias’ Alleged Misconduct Excludes Sexting Scandal

“Following my three-part series on the sexting scandal, and reports by Christianity Today and WORLD, the C&MA announced that it has commissioned a new investigation into Zacharias’ alleged misconduct.” (Julie Roys – Roys Report)  The independent investigation commissioned by Ravi … Continue reading 

New Ravi Zacharias Allegations Highlight Secrecy, Cover-Up & Questionable Practices at RZIM

“RZIM…engaged in questionable governance and financial practices for years, enriching Zacharias and his family, and giving them undue control over the ministry. But while Zacharias was being upheld as the gold standard, no one was willing to look at these … Continue reading 

Christianity Today Reports On Claims Of Ravi Zacharias’s Sexual Misconduct At Spas

Graphic Content “CT has verified the identities and job histories of the three women. They shared their stories under the condition that they not be named, fearing the stigma of coming forward as victims and possible retribution for harming the … Continue reading 

Betrayed Trust, Part Three: Ravi Zacharias Claimed Accusers in Sexting Scandal Were Extortionists, But Evidence Indicates Otherwise

Both Brad Thompson and Ian deGroot laughed when I asked if Thompson was in “significant financial distress” after his alleged “settlement” with his pastor, as Zacharias’ lawsuit alleges. … Similarly, Tamara Battiste, Lori Anne Thompson’s sister, said: “Thompson is a millionaire … Continue reading 

Evangelical Response to Ravi Zacharias Scandal Reveals Our Desire for a King

“Just like Israel in the Old Testament, we demand a king over us, and all the better if it is a king who is handsome and golden-tongued. And once we have that king, we refuse to believe he may be … Continue reading 

Betrayed Trust, Part Two: Woman Accused in Sexting Scandal Claims Ravi Zacharias Groomed & Exploited Her

Battiste said she is releasing the documents now “because I want to see my sister freed from the shame and the torment of being painted as the perpetrator in this scenario. It’s time.” (Julie Roys – The Roys Report)   “It … Continue reading 

Betrayed Trust, Part One: New Testimony, Emails & Other Documents Portray Ravi Zacharias as Predator in Sexting Scandal

“[E]mails, testimony, and other documentation recently obtained by The Roys Report tell a much different story. They instead portray Zacharias as someone who befriended, groomed, and then initiated a sexting relationship with a married woman, Lori Anne Thompson. Then, when Thompson … Continue reading 

Ravi Zacharias, Jivan Spa and Sexual Abuse: It’s Time to Speak Out

There is a lot more to report since Seth Dunn wrote this article. Stay tuned.  “Walter Martin literally wrote the book on cults, and Ravi Zacharias edited it. It’s unimaginable that Ravi Zacharias, who hailed from India, would found a … Continue reading 

Ravi Zacharias shares grim cancer update: ‘No options for further treatment remain … they have done all they are able’

Ravi, Margie, and Naomi are returning from Houston and will remain at home in Atlanta, where our family can be together for whatever time the Lord gives us. (Disrn) World-renowned Christian apologist and bestselling author Ravi Zacharias shared a sobering … Continue reading 

Ravi Zacharias

Courtesy of Glenn E. Chatfield, in this short post Apprising Ministries shares a recap of reasons for serious concern about the wildly popular apologist.