Rick Warren Delivers Final Sermon As Pastor of Saddleback Church

“Well as you know, today is my last message to you as your senior pastor for 43 years,” he said. “It’s been my privilege to love you, pray for you, serve you, encourage you, stand by you…” These words, however, … Continue reading 

Rick Warren Rebukes the SBC for Daring to Remove his Church over Ordaining Women

Watch the video. Check out the tweets. (Protestia) Rick Warren made a surprise appearance and the SBC 2022 convention and spoke for several minutes, uninterrupted, using his time to list all his accomplishments as the largest Southern Baptist church in … Continue reading 

Meet Rick Warren’s Replacement—He Sounds Like JD Greear and Ed Litton on Homosexuality

“Rick Warren is a complete and total apostate false teacher with absolutely no qualifications to teach or preach the Scriptures.” (The Dissenter) In 2019 and in 2020, both former Southern Baptist Convention presidents, Ed Litton and JD Greear made headlines … Continue reading 

Irony: Rick Warren decries hypocrisy, commercialized faith

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Perhaps the most influential pastor in the last thirty years is Rick Warren. This is not because of Rick Warren’s theology or teaching. Rather, Rick Warren is a church growth guru and his Purpose … Continue reading 

Rick Warren promoted churches to fight a pandemic at World Economic Forum in 2008

(Capstone Report) Southern Baptist pastor Rick Warren told the globalists of the World Economic Forum (WEF) how to use the church as a partner during a pandemic or similar emergency. Warren promoted the use of free church volunteers and as a … Continue reading 

Woke Author Tells Rick Warren’s Wife: Make ‘Racial Justice’ Part Of Your Church Membership Process

“If we’re talking about a congregational level, your church has to vocally, publicly, and in a sustained way pursue justice.” (Protestia) It seems that ever since Ibram X. Kendi, author of the NYT bestseller How to be an Anti-racist, tapped … Continue reading 

Rick Warren Suggests Pastors Who Open Their Churches are Egotistical, Wearing Masks is ‘Loving Your Neighbor’

“The Bible says ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The most practical way right now you can love your neighbor as yourself, wear a mask. Okay? And to not wear one basically says, ‘I don’t care about you, or I don’t … Continue reading 

Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven’ theology is built upon a false gospel

Warren also affirms the pope. Bible-believing Christians understand without controversy that the pope of the Roman Catholic Church is a deceiver, a liar, and an enemy of God. Yet, leave it to Rick Warren to refer to him as “Holy … Continue reading 

Shortly After Ordaining Women Pastors, Rick Warren Announces His Retirement

“The problem with a man-centered church like Saddleback is that the church is bound together by a celebrity pastor rather than by the blood of Christ. This is why Warren’s church would have fallen apart; because the church is devoid … Continue reading 

Rick Warren, Bad Theology, and the Evangelical Dance with Quid Pro Quo

“But there is another Latin expression you should know. It’s one that you have likely never heard before. But it is an important one: Si igitur hoc, quod. It means, if this, then that.” (Ed Dingess – Reformation Charlotte) The … Continue reading 

In Historic First, Rick Warren’s SBC Megachurch Ordains ‘Women Pastors’

(Protestia)  The second-largest Southern Baptist Church in the world has proudly announced that they have chosen to ordain their first three women pastors, ending 40 years of having only men as elders and repudiating their former convictions that the office … Continue reading 

Rick Warren’s Church Has Blacks Only Worship: No White Members Invited

“This is some next-level divisiveness that the church is facilitating black members needing a virtual “safe space” to have their “gospel experience” so that they can “heal” away from the lighter skinned congregants.” God forbid there might be white members … Continue reading 

Rick Warren Hosting Global Prayer Event With Trinity-denying T.D. Jakes

“Rick Warren has demonstrated over a 30-year ministry that he has no discernment and should never be considered a spiritual leader. The fact that he continues to affirm Jakes as a brother in Christ and as part of a united … Continue reading 

Rick Warren Says Saddleback Has Matched the Growth of Church in Acts 2: Just Needs a Few More Baptisms to Pass a History-Making Milestone

“Already baptized? That’s ok!  Since baptism doesn’t really do anything your invited to come and be baptized again!”  (Daniel Long – Long For The Truth)  Do you want to feel significant, special, important? Then you need to be baptized! But, baptism in any … Continue reading 

Rick Warren Hopes His Partnership With Roman Catholic Leader Will Become ‘Model’ for World

A 2008 article in The Washington Post described Rick Warren, one of the most visible Southern Baptists in the world, as “a megachurch pastor and philanthropist who is courted by political leaders worldwide, says he thinks Christianity needs a ‘second Reformation’ that … Continue reading