SBC President Continues to Promote Same-Sex Attraction ‘Christianity’

(David Morrill – Protestia)  In a multi-series Q&A podcast, Southern Baptist Convention President JD Greear has gone to Rebecca McLaughlin – purveyor of Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) “Christianity” – for the answers to questions on all things relating to sex, race, and faithful … Continue reading 

Al Mohler Defends Firing of Professor With Biblical Views On Same-sex Attraction

“Albert Mohler did not say of word in defense of either Tom Ascol or John MacArthur in recent weeks when they were attacked by rabid feminists.” By this point, almost everyone knows that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, free from the … Continue reading 

Did Jesus struggle with his gender and his sexuality? Was he tempted to same-sex attraction?

Dani Treweek of The Gospel Coalition Australia interviewed same-sex attracted “Christian,” Ed Shaw, who’s one of the founders of Living Out Ministries. A brouhaha erupted over Shaw’s claim that Jesus “struggled” with His gender and sexuality. So TGC added a … Continue reading 

TGC’s Same-Sex Attracted Christian Apostasy Cover-Up

“What does the Bible call men who write and promote perverse articles like this in the name of “Christian ministry” and put them up on the World Wide Web for years — leading Christ’s Church, pastors, fathers, mothers, men, women, … Continue reading 

VICTORY: California Dem withdraws bill banning help for unwanted gay attraction

“AB 2943 would have criminalized even ordinary religious speech on same-sex attraction, and it also would have forbidden LGBT persons from making a deeply personal choice to explore conversion therapy,” (Calvin Freiburger – LifeSiteNews) – California’s controversial ban on virtually … Continue reading 

California Senate passes bill banning books, therapy to help unwanted gay attraction

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution forbids laws “abridging the freedom of speech” or “prohibiting the free exercise” of religion. The California Constitution affirms that “[e]very person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects,” and that … Continue reading 

Exclusive! Andy Stanley’s Children’s Ministry Led by Pro-LBGTQ+ Activists

(Protestia) Not only did Andy Stanley participate in a private, shocking Q&A where he offered some heretical hot takes on homosexuality, but for years one of his children’s ministries has been promoting and partnering with pro-LBGTQ+ organizations. Debbie Causey is … Continue reading 

Two Pastors Drop Major Bombshell Allegations Against Andy Stanley After Attending Private Q&A

“Earlier today, Andy Stanely and his PR team deleted the sermon from their website, after getting heat for saying gays have more faith than straight Christians and for criticizing so-called “clobber” verses.” (Protestia) Therefore whatever you have said in the … Continue reading 

Doug Wilson and Jared Moore Debate Concupiscence and Homosexuality

The YouTube video of the debate between Wilson and Moore, plus Evangelical Dark Web’s summary of the debate, is on the site. Below is Jon Harris’s podcast interview with Jared Moore, Is Same-Sex Attraction A Sin? that led to the … Continue reading 

Doug Wilson Doubles Down On Errant Side B Theology

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Last week we were sent Doug Wilson’s response to the ongoing controversy over his support of Side B theology. This effort was led by Jared Moore and his appearance on the Conversations That Matter … Continue reading 

Married to Jesus? TGC’s Resident Gay Anglican Priest Wears Wedding Ring Despite Being Single, for THIS Reason

“The line of thinking is consistent with the sexual ethos of the SSAC movement that Allberry has spearheaded and continues to promote.” (Protestia) Gay Anglican priest Sam Allberry, known for partnering up with The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC to be … Continue reading 

White Horse Inn Tells Pastors They’re Causing Homosexuals to Commit Suicide by Preaching Truth

“Social Religion is eating away the Body of Christ. Even the best theologians, like Michael Horton, are completely abandoning the Gospel-commitment they’ve fought their entire careers for, in exchange for sitting at the cool kids’ table of wokeness.” – Pulpit … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Promotes Gay Revoice Pastor’s Book That Teaches Christianity Doesn’t Change Homosexual Desires

“Tim Keller sees fit to promote Greg Johnson’s book which essentially teaches that homosexuality [same-sex attraction] is an affliction that one must live with for the rest of their life.”  (The Dissenter) Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCA) — that is, from … Continue reading 

Disney employees are planning a major walkout because Florida won’t let teachers talk to 5-year-olds about transgenderism and homosexuality

So… I just want to be clear: If teachers aren’t allowed to discuss same-sex attraction or male hormonal castration with children still too young to read… this constitutes a “threat to LGBTQIA+ safety”? (Daniel Payne – Not the Bee) Near … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition Author Employs Gay Rights Activist as Personal Pastoral Assistant at Church

(Reformation Charlotte) If you’ve followed Reformation Charlotte at all over the last year, you are most likely well-aware that we believe The Gospel Coalition (TGC) to be a subversive progressive propaganda machine designed to turn the Evangelical Church sharply to … Continue reading 

Greg Johnson To The PCA: ‘Merry Christmas. Here Is A Lump Of Coal For Your Stocking’

“What some in the PCA and elsewhere do not seem to understand is that same-sex attraction is inherently corrupt and corrupting. It would not appear, from this latest essay, that Johnson appreciates this truth. He writes as if, by not … Continue reading