Karen Swallow Prior Says She Didn’t Come to the Bucks Because He’s a Bully and She’s Afraid of Him

“In an email that was obtained exclusively with Capstone Report and shared with The Dissenter, SEBTS has confirmed that Karen Swallow Prior was the source behind the leak who shared the rough draft with potential publishers.” (The Dissenter) The Dissenter … Continue reading 

Karen Swallow Prior shared document at center of blackmail attempt

“Now that SEBTS has made clear that Karen Swallow Prior shared the document, it is imperative that SEBTS force Karen Swallow Prior to reveal the names of all who received the document from her.” (Capstone Report) Professor Karen Swallow Prior … Continue reading 

Birds of a Feather: Karen Swallow Prior Defends Beth Moore, Slanders the Church

“False teachers like Beth Moore and Karen Swallow Prior for too long have ignored the Word of God’s clear proclamations regarding men and women in the church (and by extension the family), and have led the Southern Baptist Convention downhill to the … Continue reading 

After Years of Warnings, Karen Swallow Prior Finally OUT at ERLC!

We are thankful that after years of hard work trying to unwed this wicked woman’s influence in the SBC, ever since our first post about her entitled, Gay-Affirming Research Fellow at ERLC, Shocking Liberalism more than four years ago, that her official affiliation with … Continue reading 

Karen Prior Creates ‘Guild’ with Wildly Unorthodox Women to Help Women Attain Biblical Orthodoxy

“Make no mistake about it, Karen Swallow Prior – who serves the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission – wants the group to lead the way to a fully-egalitarian, women-centric, feminist-focused church experience.”  (JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  For … Continue reading 

Russell Moore Says John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress ‘Leaves Me Cold’

(Protestia) On a recent episode of his podcast, former ERLC president and current Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today Russell Moore offered up the smarmy, self-satisfied confession that he doesn’t like John Bunyan or his famous book Pilgrim’s Progress, saying it leaves … Continue reading 

Buckgate: SEBTS and Friends Keep Digging

(David Morrill – Protestia) Pastor Tom Buck released a statement in response to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary exonerating themselves for the leak of Jennifer Buck’s rough draft and subsequent attempt to blackmail Buck into silence. The statement was released on Buck’s behalf by … Continue reading 

SEBTS Says ‘Anonymous Couple’ was Source of Tom Buck Letter Leak, Shuts Down Further Inquiry

(Protestia) How convenient. In a STATEMENTS FROM SOUTHEASTERN ON MATTERS SURROUNDING THE BUCK ESSAY, Danny Akin has shared with the world that his seminary has “concluded a careful investigation into the involvement of any SEBTS faculty and staff (Karen Swallow Prior … Continue reading 

Southeastern Seminary at Center of Plot to Damage Tom Buck

(Capstone Report) A plot to harm conservative SBC leader Tom Buck involves numerous connections to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary including professor Karen Swallow Prior and SEBTS President Danny Akin. Karen Swallow Prior blamed the victim and refused to Tom & … Continue reading 

CRN Weekly Headlines – April 5-10


Greear and Keller Join New Movement to Support ‘Democrat Christians’

“Regarding this, Christianity Today editor, Timothy Dalrymple said, “Whatever policies or parties we support, we should all begin from shared commitments on why we engage in public life and how we do so in a manner that reflects the character … Continue reading 

SBC Professor Claims ‘Revoice’ Founders Have ‘Traditional, Biblical Sexual Ethic’

For a refresher, this Revoice founder wondered allowed if Jesus was gay. This Revoice founder says his brain is “part-female” and that just wrote in Christianity Today that polyamory provides an “attractive alternative” and should be “affirmed” in the church. These Revoice founders had a rainbow … Continue reading 

Understand the new TGC orthodoxy on gay Christians

In their imagined world, these desires become a blessing in the way physical trials such as disabilities can become a blessing, because they are a chance to show the church an outstanding model of cross-bearing. But these desires are also … Continue reading 

New SEBTS Professor Endorses Ministry That Promotes Close Woman-to-Woman Same-Sex ‘Partnerships’

“One article on the website titled A Celibate Same-Sex Couple? talks about two women who admit to being same-sex attracted who live together in a same-sex “celibate” intimate partnership with each other.” (Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Southeastern Baptist Theological … Continue reading 

Village Church Pastor Says if Paul Were Here Today, He’d Write a Letter Endorsing Beth Moore

“Now, joining the chorus of Beth Moore apologists is J.T. English, a pastor alongside Matt Chandler at The Village Church. English takes his defense a step further — he puts Words in the Apostle Paul’s mouth claiming that if Paul … Continue reading 

SEBTS Danny Akin Attempts Damage Control After Hiring of Infamous Liberal to Faculty

“Polemics Report shared emails from Southern Baptist pastors saying they were withholding funds from the SBC over her hiring and several students withdrew from seminary and prospective students asked their applications be pulled from consideration.” Thousands of Southern Baptists are … Continue reading 

ERLC Website Says Not to Preach Against Abortion from Pulpit OR at Clinic

“So, you don’t have to post internet memes and videos, display bumper stickers, or make rude comments to tell me how terrible abortion is. Nor do you need to shout it from street corners or pulpits—I know. My mother knows. … Continue reading