Rosaria Butterfield Names Preston Sprinkle, Revoice, and CRU as Teaching Heresy on LGBTQ

(The Dissenter) Last Friday, author and speaker Rosaria Butterfield spoke at the convocation for Liberty University. Rosaria Butterfield is a former tenured professor of English and women’s studies at Syracuse University who became a Christian in 1999. Her conversion story, … Continue reading 

Revoice Founder Defends Transgender Shooter: ‘Devastating Form of Parental Rejection’

Now, Collins…is arguing that the parents of this transgender person who committed this atrocity are equally culpable because they caused her to suffer a “devastating form of parental rejection.” (The Dissenter) Everyone knows that the shooting that took place in … Continue reading 

Matt Chandler to Join Revoice ‘Gay Christianity’ Founder for Conference

“America has completely embraced a revolutionary sexual ethic that far surpasses even the worst descriptions of sexual anarchy in the Bible. Yet, every time I think humanity couldn’t sink any deeper into the muck and mire of its own depravity, … Continue reading 

PCA and Revoice Pastor Says Gay ‘Christian’ Couples Romantically Loving and Snuggling Together Isn’t Sinful

“Johnson is telling us that it isn’t sinful for gay Christian couples to live together, love each other romantically, and snuggle together so long as they aren’t having sex.” (The Dissenter) Greg Johnson, the pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church in … Continue reading 

Greg Johnson’s Revoice Church To Leave The PCA

“The Christians in the PCA have maintained the pressure to make an apostate church in their midst uncomfortable and the results are paying off.” (Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Greg Johnson is the most controversial figure in the Presbyterian Church … Continue reading 

Exposing Revoice: Grant Hartley Compares Coming Out To Resurrection

“This is coming from a guy who believes that his venture into San Francisco gay bars was a heavenly experience.”  (Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) The Revoice Conference took place earlier this month, and while much of their content is … Continue reading 

Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Tribalistic ‘Gay Christians’ + ‘Side B’ Revoicers

“Tribalism is infectious and poisonous, and it leaves a wake of division in its path. It destroys the peace and purity of the church and produces false professions of faith as well as unstable Christians held captive to destructive sin … Continue reading 

Responding to the Leaven of Revoice

“Why should Christians be concerned that the Nashville Statement is under attack by a major Revoice leader? You may think Revoice is a distant concern or that the Nashville Statement is not the best or most robust response to the … Continue reading 

Exposing Revoice: Scott Sauls, The Tim Keller of Nashville

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Last week, Woke Preacher Clips posted a video of PCA pastor Scott Sauls asking Christians to compare their marriages to homosexual relationships. On a podcast with Jeff Norris, a pastor at Perimeter Church, Scott … Continue reading 

Revoice Leader and SBC Seminary Grad Calls on Christians to Repent for Signing Statement on Biblical Sexual Ethics

Professing Christian Nate Collins is an interesting fellow. He once described himself as a “gay man in a mixed-orientation marriage” and bragged that he enjoys “gay art.” Collins did his dissertation on “Gender Identities” at conservative Southern Baptist Theological Seminary … Continue reading 

Tim Keller Promotes Gay Revoice Pastor’s Book That Teaches Christianity Doesn’t Change Homosexual Desires

“Tim Keller sees fit to promote Greg Johnson’s book which essentially teaches that homosexuality [same-sex attraction] is an affliction that one must live with for the rest of their life.”  (The Dissenter) Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCA) — that is, from … Continue reading 

Revoice Founder Now Promotes Heretical View of Hell as an ‘Orthodox’ View Held by ‘Bible Believing Christians’

(The Dissenter) Last November, The Dissenter reported that popular speaker, author, and pastor, David Platt of McLean Bible Church, would be joining Revoice “gay Christianity” leader, Preston Sprinkle for Sprinkle’s Theology in the Raw Conference. Thankfully, Platt bailed on that conference … Continue reading 

Lifeway Still Peddling False Teachers Including ‘Gay Christianity’ Revoice Resources

Check out some of the books LifeWay is peddling to Christian consumers, books that are chock-full of heresy and steeped in the world of the occult. The books are written by false teachers, a.k.a. wolves in sheep’s clothing.   (Reformation Charlotte) … Continue reading 

Revoice 2021 Conference To Feature Roman Catholic Lesbian Speaker

(Protestia)  Once again, Revoice is upon us, and once again, their speaker list is suspect. Along with a plethora of gay, lesbian, and transgendered speakers, many who openly insist on using he/him, she/her/, they/them personal pronouns in their bios, we … Continue reading 

ERLC Finally Owns Revoice, Promoting Founder in ‘Parent’s Guide to Gender’

“He [Nate Collins] who describes himself as a “gay man in a mixed-orientation marriage,” did his dissertation at Al Mohler’s SBTS, arguing that “virgin” is a third gender in the scriptures, enjoys gay art, and made grotesquely unbiblical statements in Christianity Today [a site … Continue reading 

SBC Professor Claims ‘Revoice’ Founders Have ‘Traditional, Biblical Sexual Ethic’

For a refresher, this Revoice founder wondered allowed if Jesus was gay. This Revoice founder says his brain is “part-female” and that just wrote in Christianity Today that polyamory provides an “attractive alternative” and should be “affirmed” in the church. These Revoice founders had a rainbow … Continue reading 

BOMBSHELL: Indisputable Proof SWBTS Lied; ERLC Targeted Professor for Preaching Against LGBT ‘Revoice’ Theology

“Transcripts and audio of the meetings purportedly between Southwestern Professor Robert Lopez and Dean Michael Wilkinson and between Lopez and SWBTS Provost Randy Stinson were released today (December 6, 2019.) The release included supporting documents including emails sent by Lopez outlining … Continue reading 

The Heart of the Difference Between Revoice Theology and Reformed Theology – the Sinfulness and Mortification of Sinful Desires

“The Confession, and those who are opposed to Revoice and Side B Gay Christianity, view not only actual homosexual acts but desires to be properly sinful. We also regard part of the work of sanctification to consist of bringing these … Continue reading 

Teachings of the 2018 Revoice Conference may split the Presbyterian Church in America

This piece by Rev. Steven Warhurst is entitled “Responding to Revoice: The Case for Overture 28 at the PCA General Assembly (Part One).” An overture is the request of a presbytery for action by the General Assembly upon a specific … Continue reading 

Presbyterian Church in America Central Carolina Presbytery Denounces Revoice Conference

“It’s great that the presbytery has taken a stand against this homosexual invasion, however, another group that’s not far behind in the same agenda is the ministry, Living Out. Living Out, led by Sam Allberry is an author at The … Continue reading